Gardener's lunar calendar for June 2019

The location of the Moon relative to the Earth and the zodiacal signs has a positive or negative effect on the vegetation of vegetable and fruit and berry horticultural crops. The phases determine the direction of sap flow, this is the main criterion that astrologers are guided by. The gardener's lunar calendar for June 2019 will help you plan the right time for work in the country and in the garden.

Moon phases in June 2019

The celestial body affects not only the state of the world's oceans, determining the ebb and flow, it has a similar effect on the flora. On the growing moon, sap flow rushes upward, ensuring the growth of leaves on trees and the formation of buds. When the satellite of the Earth decreases, the movement of the sap changes direction, providing nutrition to the root system. The lunar calendar is compiled in order not to harm trees when pruning and vegetables during weeding.

The lunar calendar determines the timing of planting work in June, it indicates which days are suitable for each type of culture and when it is better not to start work in the garden or on the personal plot. In practice, it has been proven that the yield and growth rate is much better if you focus on the phases of the celestial body.

Table of favorable and unfavorable days in June 2019

When compiling the table, the location of the celestial body according to the signs of the zodiac is taken into account, some of them are considered fertile, others are not.


Medium fertile

Poorly fertile












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When planting according to the lunar calendar in the garden and on the site, attention is paid not only to the phases, but in what sign is the Earth's satellite.

General overview of suitable days in June according to the lunar calendar

The new moon lasts 1 day, for gardeners they determine 3 days, the last in a waning phase and the first in a growing phase on June 2-4. At this time, according to the lunar calendar, it is recommended to refrain from planting vegetables and transplanting trees, the root system at this moment is weak. You can collect roots, seeds. Clean the area, cut dry branches. It is worth refraining from loosening and weeding.

The main work on the lunar calendar is carried out on the first days of the growth of the moon, that is, June 5-9. During the growing season, all nutrients are directed to the upper part of the plant, the main direction in growth goes to the formation of buds, young shoots and green mass. At this time, you can:

  • plant vegetable crops, transplant garden varieties;
  • to loosen the soil and weed weeds;
  • cut fruit and berry crops;
  • harvest;
  • transplant seedlings to the site;
  • water and feed.
Attention! Lunar pruning of fruit trees is only possible on June 5th.

The next 5 days, interference in the formation of the crown is undesirable. All nutrients go to the growth of young shoots, pruning will weaken the plant.

Watering and feeding can be carried out on June 10, you should refrain from the rest of the work, since the day according to the lunar calendar is unfavorable, especially for vegetable crops.

From 11 to 16 June 2019 according to the lunar sowing calendar - the main peak of active vegetation. At this time, you can spend:

  • preparing the soil for planting;
  • removal of weeds from the site;
  • loosening the soil of vegetable crops;
  • harvesting;
  • planting seedlings;
  • watering, feeding;
  • treatment of plants from infections and pests.

Time for fruitful work. The only work that is not recommended according to the lunar calendar of gardeners and gardeners 2019 in June in the growing phase is pruning trees and shrubs.

On the full moon and the next two days (June 17-19), no work is carried out in the garden and in the beds.

The next phase according to the lunar calendar is decreasing. Sap flow is directed to the root system. Time for harvesting ripe root crops. On June 20, 21, no manipulation with the soil is recommended, it is impossible to weed or loosen the soil, so as not to damage the root at the time of its active vegetation. Permissible work is root dressing.

Dates from 22 to 27 are suitable for working with the aboveground part of the plants:

  • you can pinch cultures;
  • form a crown;
  • plant trees;
  • carry out cuttings, make layering;
  • harvest early crops, such as Jerusalem artichoke, radish;
  • plant vegetables that multiply by the bulb;
  • sowing seeds.
Attention! Excessive watering, weeding and loosening should be avoided.

In the last three days (28-30) of the waning moon, it is better not to carry out active manipulations. You can water or feed the plants. Tie up liana-like species, remove side shoots from tomatoes or cucumbers. According to the calendar, planting and seeding will be less productive than in the middle of the phase.

Lunar landing calendar for June 2019

The moon phase calendar is an irreplaceable assistant when working on the site. However, you cannot blindly follow the recommendations. Each climatic zone in June has its own weather conditions, primarily guided by them.

It is better to plant vegetables that are grown in seedlings, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers in the greenhouse in the first days of the lunar calendar, on an unprotected area later. Cabbage seedlings are more frost-resistant, as a rule, they are planted in open ground, therefore, they are guided by the weather.

Recommended landing days are based on lunar phases. According to the calendar, root crops are planted on the waning moon: carrots, potatoes, radishes, beets. Plants that form fruits on the aboveground part - on the growing moon (tomatoes, legumes, cucumbers, cabbage).

Work on planting trees in the garden, as a rule, is carried out earlier, before the sap flow. In the first month of summer, the plants are looked after, cut, grafted, and if necessary, young seedlings are distributed over the site.

Lunar calendar for June 2019 for gardeners

June is a month of active work in the garden and in the garden. The autumn result at harvest depends entirely on the first month of active growing season:

  • finish planting seedlings in greenhouses or in a garden bed;
  • sowing most of the vegetable plants and greens;
  • harvest winter crops: garlic, carrots, early radish, greens;
  • the main direction at the beginning of the growing season is plant care.

The lunar calendar will help you allocate time for the maximum benefit for vegetables:

Types of work

June numbers

Picking, transfer, landing


Weeding and loosening



If necessary



Bush formation, pinching




Root dressing


Lunar calendar for June 2019 for gardeners

In the garden, the first summer month is active work on the site. The satellite phase calendar is designed for a specific type of activity. Necessary work in the garden at the beginning of the main growing season for plants:

  1. For young seedlings: if the laying during planting of nutrients was insufficient, top dressing is carried out. After flowering, mature fruit trees also need fertilization, the event will have a beneficial effect on the formation of fruits in the future.
  2. Watering of young seedlings is carried out, the measure is irrelevant for adult crops.
  3. In young crops, the root circle is loosened as the soil dries out.
  4. The dummy part at a distance of 1.5 m from the ground is whitewashed with lime or water-based paint.
  5. Prevents the growth of weeds; after weeding, it can be used as mulch for shrubs and young trees.
  6. The grass is mowed throughout the garden, it will be used for composting.
  7. From cherries, apple trees, plums and other crops grafted onto a wild-growing bole, the shoots formed below the grafting are removed.
  8. Cuttings grafted into the crown begin to grow intensively, they are formed, and excess shoots are removed.
  9. At the beginning of summer, most of the pests are activated; after fruiting, berry crops are treated from parasitic insects.
  10. If necessary, support is installed under the branches of fruit trees.
  11. They loosen and remove excess mustache from strawberries, leave only planting material for breeding, mulch with sawdust or needles between the rows.
  12. Raspberry bushes begin to form young shoots, leave the strongest, the rest are cut off.

There is a lot of work at the beginning of summer on the site, the lunar calendar for June for the gardener will help to distribute it correctly.

Days favorable for rest

According to the lunar calendar, only a few days during which it is undesirable to carry out work on the site. They relate to the planting of vegetable and fruit and berry varieties and their agricultural technology:

  • 06. - the moon is in the last phase of waning;
  • 06. - new moon, work at this time is unproductive;
  • 06. - the first phase of the growth of a celestial body, the sap flow is just beginning to the upper part;
  • 06. - full moon, plants in a state of relative dormancy;
  • 06. - the last stage of decline, the plants have not yet completely reorganized to another direction of sap flow.

During these 5 days, only if necessary, you can water the seedlings and seedlings or process them against infection. Better to do everything before or after. If you wish, you can clean the area, prepare containers for early berries.


The gardener's lunar calendar for June 2019 is calculated taking into account the position of the satellite relative to the Earth. There are June dates that are optimal for landing and leaving, they are distributed between the rise and fall of the moon. The days will be different for root crops, trees and vegetables that form fruits on the aboveground part.

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