Zucchini Casanova F1

Only a lazy gardener does not grow zucchini on his site. They are very unpretentious and undemanding to care for. Most varieties only need regular watering for normal growth. But there are also varieties that may well do without it. This is very convenient for those gardeners who come to the site only on weekends. Zucchini Casanova F1 is one of these varieties.

Zucchini Casanova

Variety characteristics

This variety belongs to early maturing hybrids. Its semi-leafy bushes have large dissected leaves of a dark green color without spots and blotches. Casanova zucchini resembles a cylinder in its shape. It's sleek and long. At the same time, the zucchini do not tend to be overstretched. Even if you forget to pick a ripe fruit, it will not outgrow... The color of mature zucchini is heterogeneous: white dots of medium size stand out on the light green skin. The fruits of this hybrid can on average weigh from 0.9 to 1.5 kg. Their soft cream-colored flesh is quite dense and tasty. This allows them to be successfully used not only in cooking, but also in canning.

Casanova F1

A distinctive feature of this hybrid variety is its drought tolerance.

Important! This hybrid not only tolerates drought well, but also needs it. With excessive soil moisture, its root system can rot.

Growing recommendations

Despite the fact that the variety is very undemanding to care, you should pay attention to the soil before planting it. The ideal place for planting Casanova F1 will be the beds on which they grew:

  • potatoes;
  • cabbage;
  • bow;
  • legumes.

If the seeds are not planted after these crops, in a new place or after other varieties of squash, the soil must be fertilized. This is done in the fall when digging a vegetable garden. Organic fertilizers are ideal:

  • horse dung;
  • mullein;
  • bird droppings.

To enrich the soil, the use of compost and green manure gives very good results.

This hybrid variety can be planted in two ways:

  1. Seed in open ground. In this case, the landing is carried out in the month of May. The optimum sowing depth is 4-6 cm.
  2. Growing seedlings. This method is used to obtain an earlier harvest. It is better to start preparing seedlings a month before the recommended planting, that is, in April.
Important! Seeds and seedlings must be planted so that there is a distance of 60 cm between adjacent bushes. A closer planting will not allow the plants to develop fully, and the harvest may be poorer.

This hybrid responds very well to loosening and feeding. If the soil was prepared before planting, then these procedures can be omitted.

Reviews of gardeners

Maria, 51 years old, Yaroslavl
I drop Casanova out from time to time. I like their taste. But when compared with other varieties, then Casanova zucchini looks a little frail. I don't use them for spin. But if you fry them, then it is impossible to come off. I can recommend to those who have free space, which there is nothing to plant. I would not allocate a special bed for these zucchini.
Anna, 30 years old, Bogoroditsk
Casanova F1 bought for the sake of experiment. Planted immediately on the bed under the film. Everything has sprung up except for a few seeds. The zucchini started quickly. I liked the variety because it is undemanding to watering and does not outgrow. When we arrived at the dacha after 2 weeks of absence, the zucchini of this variety were neat. In other varieties, several zucchini grew into something terrible: it was stretched out here, it was swollen there. I can recommend a zucchini to Casanova F1, for a summer residence it is just that.
Oksana, 42 years old, Vyazniki
I didn't really like Casanova. There are other more advantageous varieties.He's nothing special, not remarkable, a zucchini like a zucchini. But this is my opinion. For example, my neighbor liked it. I gave her almost all the zucchini. You can plant it as a sample.
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  1. Zucchini "Casanova" was planted several years ago. I was very surprised. Endless fruiting. You cut a few, and others immediately grow! Great amount. One bush fed us the whole season!
    I couldn't buy these seeds again for several years. But today it succeeded (18.02.21). I advise everyone

    02/18/2021 at 07:02
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