Gardener Calendar for September 2019

The gardener's calendar for September 2019, as well as the gardener, will help to carry out autumn agricultural work with the highest productivity. The first month of autumn reports that winter is “just around the corner”. The time has come for harvesting, preparing it for storage.

Gardener lunar calendar for September 2019

As the first month of autumn begins, the plants begin to prepare for winter. The time of falling leaves is approaching. Gardeners and truck farmers have more work to do. It is necessary to have time to do sanitary pruning of shrubs and trees. First of all, all dry and diseased branches are removed. Places of cuts are treated with garden varnish. To make pruning painless and give a positive result, the gardener's calendar for September will help, but it will also come in handy for other purposes.

Autumn is the time for harvesting mushrooms, berries, medicinal herbs, and other garden and horticultural crops

The month is favorable for planting seedlings of raspberries, gooseberries, currants and other shrubs. They will have time to take root before winter, and the growing season will already begin in early spring. If you need to propagate gooseberries or currants, then again the calendar will come to the rescue. On favorable days, annual shoots are cut from shrubs for cuttings. They are planted immediately in the prepared soil or stored until spring. September is favorable for planting strawberries, strawberries. Plants will likewise have time to take root before winter.

Important! After pruning, all branches, fallen leaves are removed further from the plantings and burned to destroy pests.

Vegetable growers cannot do without a gardener's calendar for September. The autumn month starts the harvesting of root crops, tomatoes, eggplants and other vegetables. In the south, you can still plant radishes, greens for salad and get a harvest before winter comes. The calendar will help the gardener with early planting of garlic. They plant it to a depth of 12 cm so that it has time to take root, but not to ascend until winter.

According to the calendar, in the first month of autumn, you can already dig up soil in empty areas, add compost, humus or manure. It's time to prepare the beds for the next season.

Moon phases in september 2019

There are 8 phases in total:

  1. New moon. The origin of the moon is almost invisible in the sky.
  2. The young moon is seen in the shape of a thin semicircle.
  3. In the first quarter, 50% of the yellow circle is visible.
  4. In the stay phase, more than half of the moon is clearly visible.
  5. The full moon is rush hour, when the whole yellow circle is clearly visible in the sky.
  6. The waning phase lasts from the full moon to the moment when half the moon can be seen in the sky.
  7. During the last quarter, you can observe how the remaining half of the yellow circle slowly decreases in size.
  8. The final phase is the aging moon. During this period, it decreases and becomes completely invisible in the sky.

The growth of the moon in September is observed from 1 to 13, and the new moon falls on the 28th.

Each phase has a positive or negative impact on certain gardening activities. Finding out these days helps the gardener's calendar for September 2019.

Favorable and unfavorable days: table

Auspicious days have a positive effect on the performance of certain jobs. During this period, sowing is carried out, seedlings are planted. To make it easier for gardeners and gardeners to navigate, all the days favorable for planting on the calendar have been transferred to the table.

The planted crops on favorable calendar days will take root well, have time to take root before winter

The most unfavorable days on the calendar, prohibited for sowing and planting seedlings, are the numbers 14, 27, 28, 29. Gardeners and gardeners do not need to plant anything these days. Better to use them for other agricultural work.

Gardener's calendar for september 2019

With the beginning of autumn, the gardener has a lot of worries. It's time to pick up the calendar and have time to complete all the work on your site.

Gardener's sowing calendar for September

In the fall, gardeners sow winter crops, as well as those that grow in the greenhouse. The calendar indicates auspicious days for each vegetable and root vegetable. However, this does not mean that they cannot be sown at other times. You just need to avoid only forbidden days.

It is believed that crops sown by a gardener according to the calendar on auspicious days will bring a bountiful harvest.

Tips for caring for vegetables in September

Experts advise gardeners to take up cabbage in September. The first month of autumn is considered important for this vegetable. Heads of medium and late varieties begin to gain strength. If the cabbage does not grow well, the gardener needs to feed it in September. The cheapest and easiest option is to prepare an irrigation solution from 10 liters of water and 20 g of soda.

To feed cabbage in September, the gardener can use special factory-made preparations

If a gardener grows Brussels sprouts, then in September she needs special attention. The culture grows heads of cabbage before the onset of cold weather. The absence of heads is observed with a lack of moisture and intense heat. The cabbage needs to be watered. To accelerate the formation of heads of cabbage, pinch the tops.

Other common vegetables don't need any special care in September. At this time, gardeners are already harvesting, canning, making preparations for the winter. There are still tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini, peppers in the beds. If September is hot, then vegetables only need watering.

Collection and preparation of seeds in September

With the onset of autumn, most garden crops form seeds. There comes a time when the gardener needs to collect them, and again an irreplaceable calendar will help in this matter.

Important! When collecting vegetable seeds, a novice gardener should know that they cannot be harvested from hybrids. Such seed will not grow for the next season or crops grown from it will bring a poor harvest.

If you use the gardener's sowing calendar for September 2019, then the following days are considered favorable for collecting seeds:

  1. From September 1 to September 2, the growing moon is in the zodiacal constellation Libra, which is considered a sign of average fertility. In addition to seeds, the gardener on these days according to the calendar can select the planting potato tubers.
  2. The period from 10 to 11 September is the growing moon in Aquarius. It is not recommended to plant anything according to the calendar. Plants will die or fail to yield. For the gardener, this is the optimal time for collecting seeds.
  3. From September 25 to September 26, the waning moon is in Leo. The zodiac sign is completely infertile. The gardener can collect seeds.

The time for collecting seeds can be carried out by the gardener on any other day, regardless of the recommendations of the calendar, except for the 15-16-17. The main thing is that they ripen. Germination for the next season will depend on this.

Collection and storage of crops in September

With the beginning of autumn, most root crops and vegetables ripen. There is a hot season for the gardener associated with winter harvesting. If you are guided by the gardener's lunar calendar for September 2019, then it is better to harvest and store it on the following days:

  1. September 3-4, the growing moon in Scorpio. Gardeners harvest carrots, corn, beets.
  2. On September 5-6-7, the growing moon in Sagittarius. Gardeners dig up root vegetables, chives, batun, lay vegetables for storage.
  3. September 8-9, the growing moon, zodiac sign - Capricorn. For gardeners, a good time to harvest roots.
  4. September 10-11-12 growing moon, zodiac sign - Aquarius. Gardeners harvest a ripe crop of all crops, dig up perennial onions, and lay them in storage.
  5. September 13 the growing moon, zodiac sign - Pisces. Gardeners dig up root crops for winter distillation, remove chives and batun.
  6. September 15-16-17, waning moon, zodiac sign - Aries. Gardeners harvest from all crops, but according to the calendar, it is not recommended to put them on seeds.
  7. September 18-19, waning moon, zodiac sign - Taurus. The optimal time for the gardener to dig up the roots.
  8. September 20-21, waning moon, zodiac sign - Gemini. Gardeners harvest vegetables, root crops, including late varieties of potatoes. The crop is sent for long-term storage.
  9. September 25-26, the waning moon in Leo. Gardeners harvest all mature vegetables and roots, including late potatoes. The harvest according to the calendar is suitable for long-term storage.
  10. September 30 waxing moon, zodiac sign Libra. Gardeners harvest roots for long-term storage.

The first month of autumn is associated with the mass harvest of tomatoes.

The main ripening vegetable in the fall is tomato. Gardeners harvest in large quantities. Tomatoes are canned, green fruits are sent to ripen. There are winter varieties. Such unripe tomatoes are laid out in boxes, sent to a cool dry basement. They ripen by the beginning of winter.

Onions are harvested only by those varieties that are ripe. If green feathers are present and the neck is still thick, then stop watering. Such onions can be dug out for salads for now.

What days can and cannot be engaged in blanks

Superstitious housewives use the calendar even for conservation. It is believed that if the lids of the cans are swollen, the contents have turned black or the conservation is not tasty, unfavorable days are to blame.

It is believed that vegetables harvested or canned on favorable days according to the calendar are the most delicious and are stored for a long time.

According to the gardener's lunar calendar for September 2019, it is necessary to deal with blanks, adhering to the following rules:

  • pickle vegetables and make jam when the moon is in Leo or Aries;
  • you can not pickle, roll up, sauer cabbage, candied fruits when the moon is in Pisces, Virgo and Cancer;
  • sour cabbage when the moon is in Aries, Sagittarius, Capricorn or Taurus.

With the onset of the full moon, the movement of fluids stops. The conservation made at this time will not be stored for a long time. During an eclipse of the sun or moon, as well as the day before and after the event, you can not salt, cook jam.

Advice! Neutral days are not suitable for preservation, which must be stored for a long time. This period is best used for salting vegetables intended for consumption throughout the month.

Preparing for the next season

From September, gardeners begin preparations for the next season. The work is connected with clearing the vacated areas of the garden from weeds, planning beds, plowing the soil and applying fertilizers, planting siderates, sowing vegetables in a greenhouse.

According to the gardener's calendar, the following days of September are favorable:

  1. 3-4 numbers in greenhouses gardeners sow tomatoes, cauliflower and Beijing cabbage. In the garden, they sow sorrel, spinach, watering and loosening the soil.
  2. 5-6-7 numbers are engaged in sowing green manure, asparagus, digging up and loosen the soil.
  3. On the 8-9th, gardeners are engaged in watering, pinching off shoots from immature crops.Seedlings of cucumbers, cauliflower, greens are transplanted under the shelter.
  4. On the 13th of the calendar, top dressing, preparation of beds, sowing siderates are recommended.
  5. 15-16-17 number of gardeners are engaged in soil cultivation, removal of weeds. You can sow green manure.
  6. On the 18-19th, compost is laid, the beds are prepared, organic fertilizing is applied. According to the calendar, you can start landing a batun under cover.
  7. On 20-21, it is optimal to perform deep digging of ridges, loosening the soil. Watering the plants is unacceptable, otherwise pests will quickly multiply. According to the calendar, pinching of plants is recommended to restrain growth, treatment from diseases.
  8. On 22-23, gardeners plant perennial onions, root greens under the shelter, loosen the soil, lay compost.
  9. On the 25th-26th, all work is related to soil cultivation and pest control.
  10. On the 30th, gardeners prepare beds for garlic. You can transplant greens or hot peppers into a flowerpot for growing on a windowsill in winter.

Some preparation work for the next season does not have to be done strictly according to the calendar. For example, you can deal with the beds and the garden, you can process the soil when the weather permits and there is free time.

Gardener's calendar for september 2019

The gardener has a similar lot to do with the onset of September. It is time for plant care, harvesting, conservation. September is favorable for planting seedlings of berry bushes.

September is favorable for planting gooseberries, raspberries, blackberries, currants

What and how can be propagated in September

With the onset of the first days of autumn, the gardener's lunar calendar for September 2019 should already be at hand. There is a lot of work to be done. For a gardener, September days are optimal to propagate fruit and berry crops.

Raspberries planted in September will have time to take root before winter.

According to the calendar, the following days will be favored for gardeners:

  1. On September 1-2, gardeners prepare planting holes, propagate crops by cuttings. Good days for planting berry and ornamental shrubs, trees, pruning dry branches, strawberry whiskers.
  2. On 3-4 numbers, gardeners plant seedlings of berry bushes, grapes, cut lawn grass, but it is not recommended to transplant adult plants and cut off branches according to the calendar.
  3. September 5-6 is good for planting cuttings. You can plant sea buckthorn, honeysuckle, rose hips. Gardeners are engaged in the removal of overgrowth, treat the garden from pests.
  4. On the 8-9th of the calendar, it is recommended to plant container trees. In the garden, sanitary pruning is carried out, and pests are treated. Gardeners plant currants and gooseberries.
  5. No landings are carried out on September 10-11. Crops do not breed and grow poorly. You can do the removal of overgrowth, pruning the strawberry whiskers.
  6. September 13 is held under the fertile zodiac sign. A great day for transplanting horticultural crops, planting all berry bushes, trees.
  7. On the 15-16-17, according to the calendar, gardeners cut off dry branches, shoots, strawberry whiskers, and treat the garden from pests.
  8. September 18-19 is a fertile day according to the calendar. Gardeners are engaged in planting and dividing container shrubs and trees.
  9. On 20-21, they treat tree trunks, remove overgrowth, mow lawns.
  10. On September 22-23-24, according to the calendar, berry bushes, sea buckthorn are planted, they are engaged in sanitary pruning.
  11. On 25-26, lawns are mowed, shoots are removed.
  12. On September 30, gardeners are planting berry bushes, container trees, layering for the propagation of horticultural crops.

Propagated crops according to the lunar calendar of gardeners for September 2019 will have time to take root before winter, and in spring they will quickly grow.

Favorable days for planting and transplanting fruit and berry crops

If you choose the most favorable days according to the calendar, then planting and transplanting is best done on the 5th, 6th, 13th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 23rd, 24th, 30th. The moon will have a good effect on the soil. Fruit and berry crops will quickly take root, survive the frosty winter, wake up early in the spring and grow.

Tips for the care of fruit and berry crops

With the onset of autumn, the main job of the gardener is sanitary pruning. Remove all dry, improperly growing and damaged branches, excess young growth. The site is cleared. All cut branches and fallen leaves are burned or used for laying warm beds, compost heaps.

From September the ready-made compost can be put into the ground and new compost heaps can be laid for the next season.

To save the bark from sunburn, pest damage, gardeners process the lower part of the tree trunk with a lime talker. It is important to carry out autumn feeding. It is just before winter that horticultural crops need to gain strength, lay fruit buds.

Harvesting and storage

According to the lunar calendar of the gardener for September, from the first days they begin to harvest medicinal herbs. The period is beneficial for the preparation of liqueurs, wines.

Berries of late raspberries are great for jam

From the 5th, the housewives begin to preserve juices, cook jams, preserves, and on September 13 and 20, according to the calendar, it is considered an auspicious day for drying and freezing the harvest. It is optimal to do apple peeing on the 23rd.

September signs for gardeners

Undoubtedly, the gardener's lunar calendar for September is a good helper. However, it is also impossible to argue with folk signs.

Harvest rowan for the rain, and when there are few berries, the autumn will be dry

There are many signs by which the old gardeners predicted the weather, harvest, natural phenomena. The most interesting are:

  • September thunder towards warm autumn;
  • starlings that have not flown away portend a dry and prolonged autumn;
  • a blooming dandelion, swans that did not fly to the south testify to a long warm autumn;
  • dry and warm September weather foreshadows the late arrival of winter;
  • if the bees are tightly printing trays, soon expect the arrival of cold weather and winter.

Gardeners judge the arrival of early spring by the weather. If September is cold, the snow will melt early.

Rest days in September

With the onset of autumn, gardeners, as well as gardeners, work tirelessly. However, you must not deny yourself the rest. Favorable numbers for travel: 1-2, 5-6, 8-11, 16-17, 19, 24, 27, 29.

For many summer residents, the best vacation is considered to be in nature.

The beginning of autumn is marked by weddings, celebrations and banquets. For such events, numbers are considered favorable: 1-2, 5-6, 8-13, 16-17, 19-27, 29.


The gardener's calendar for September 2019 is only a recommendation. In each individual case, you need to be able to independently make the right decision on the implementation of agricultural work.

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