Gardener November 2019 Calendar

The gardener's calendar for November 2019 will help you navigate when to carry out various work in the garden and in the garden. The Earth's satellite influences the rhythm of all processes of plant development. The calendar was created by astrologers, confirmed by folk observations.

All representatives of the plant world have sap flow, and they also experience the influence of the Earth's satellite.

Gardener lunar calendar for November 2019

In November, there are very few jobs left for gardeners and gardeners. A calendar showing the change of lunar phases and the passage of the Earth's satellite through various signs of the zodiac suggests a favorable time for caring for plants.

Moon phases

The moon affects the water in the oceans and seas, causing periodic ebb and flow, as well as plants. Experienced gardeners and gardeners, when working with trees, vegetables and flower crops in November, must take into account the phases of the moon:

  • on the new moon they do not work directly with plants - they do not plant and do not cut;
  • seedlings moved on the growing moon, especially before the full moon, develop well;
  • root crops before winter, according to the gardener's calendar, are planted in November on the waning moon;
  • in the phase of the waning moon in November, the calendar recommends gardeners to carry out work related to harvesting, sanitary pruning of fruit trees and shrubs, processing greenhouses.

In November 2019, the following lunar phases are:

  • the growing moon from the beginning of the month to 11.11;
  • full moon - 12.11;
  • decreasing - from 13.11 to 25.11;
  • new moon - 11/26;
  • growing - from 27.11.

Favorable and unfavorable days: table

The table shows the time (Moscow) and the date when, according to the calendar, the moon in November passes through the signs of the zodiac, by which gardeners are guided when sowing or pruning:




Pruning plants

Shelter of plants

Auspicious days


from 4:39, 01.11 to 13:41, 03.11

from 2:10, 06.11 to 14:50, 08.11

from 19:20, 15.11 to 22:16, 17.11

from 15:24, 28.11 to 23:00, 30.11

from 13:50, 08.11 to 1:19, 11.11


from 2:10, 06.11 to 14:50, 08.11

from 10:50, 13.11 to 22:16, 17.11

from 05:00, 20.11 to 08:00, 24.11


Bad days


from 13:41, 03.11 to 01:09, 06.11

from 16:20, 11.11 to 18:16, 15.11

from 18:05, 25.11 to 18:15, 27.11

04.11 - all day

from 16:36, 11.11 to 16:19, 13.11

from 05:00, 20.11 to 08:00, 24.11

04.11 - all day

from 16:36, 11.11 to 16:19, 13.11

20.11 - all day

Gardener lunar calendar for November

By identifying good days for working with crops in November according to the calendar, gardeners will lay the prerequisites for a future rich harvest. This applies especially to winter crops.

Gardener's sowing calendar for November

At the beginning of the pre-winter month, or with favorable weather even in its middle, gardeners of the middle lane sow spicy-aromatic and green crops:

  • dill;
  • parsley;
  • mustard;
  • salad;
  • spinach.

It is believed that the days on the growing moon, especially in the signs of Cancer, Pisces, Taurus, Libra and Scorpio, contribute to the harvest of greenery: 1-3, 5-8, 15-17, 28-30 November.

As a result of winter sowing in November, according to the lunar calendar, in the spring gardeners get an early harvest of root crops:

  • carrots;
  • beets;
  • parsnips.

Podzimnie crops are carried out on already slightly frozen soil, during a thaw, if favorable days coincided on the calendar. Gardeners also plant winter garlic and onions on the waning moon. Such work is usually carried out in the south at the beginning of November, so that in two weeks the bulbs can release the roots before frost. Planting garlic and winter onion bulbs is best done in the signs of Scorpio, Capricorn, Libra and Cancer.

Early collection of root crops can be successful, if the weather allows sowing their seeds from 15 to 17, as well as from 28 to 30 November.

Forcing onions on a feather in a greenhouse or room conditions is carried out on November 6-11 and 15-20

Preparing for the next season

On unfavorable days for sowing, sheltering plants or pruning trees, gardeners, guided by the calendar, put greenhouses in order, plow areas. Before processing the soil, fertilizers are applied - organic matter or superphosphate. Such activities are recommended, since it is better not to disturb the plants when the moon passes through the signs of Aquarius, Leo and Virgo:

  • 11, 04.11, 05.11;
  • from 18.11 to 21.11.

Days favorable for procurement

The advice of astrologers developing a lunar calendar for gardeners for November also extends to the storage of various household supplies. In the last autumn month, only the freezing of surplus fresh vegetables and fruits remains from the preparations, as well as pickling cabbage... Favorable hours for pickling cabbage and canning:

  • from 4:39, 01.11 to 13:41, 03.11;
  • from 13:50, 08.11 to 1:19, 11.11;
  • from 15:24, 28.11 to 23:00, 30.11.

Unfavorable dates for blanks:

  • from 2:10, 06.11 to 14:50, 08.11;
  • from 19:20, 15.11 to 22:16, 17.11;
  • from 05:00, 20.11 to 08:00, 24.11;
  • from 08:00, 24.11 to 10.00 on 26.11.

Gardener's Calendar for November 2019

Gardeners in the southern regions are still planting fruit and ornamental trees, shrubs, based on the recommendations of the lunar calendar. In most of the middle zone in November, preparation for wintering of young seedlings and not winter-hardy shrubs or herbaceous perennials begins.

Important! Working in November, gardeners are guided not only by the lunar calendar of a recommendatory nature, but also by the long-term weather forecast. In the capricious pre-winter month, warm days are chosen for urgent activities.

Reproduction of fruit and berry crops in November

Seedlings of fruit and berry bushes or trees for planting in November should have developed roots - large, branched, with numerous suction roots, small, white, elastic. At this time, currants, gooseberries are still propagated by ripe cuttings from bushes growing on the site or from newly acquired ones. The tops of the branches are cut off - for gooseberries with a length of 24-29 cm, currants - 10-15 cm. The cut is made under the lower bud of the selected shoot length and planted in a loose substrate in the garden, next to the bushes. Such harvesting of seedlings for the next year is carried out on 1-3 and 6-8 November.

Planting seedlings in November

If the weather is favorable at the beginning of November, according to the calendar, days are chosen for planting fruit and ornamental crops. Usually, such work is carried out only in the south of the country. In late autumn, it is not recommended to transplant:

  • cherries;
  • cherries;
  • almond;
  • peach;
  • apricot;
  • plum;
  • pear.

The November planting is well tolerated by various shrubs - honeysuckle, gooseberries, currants, raspberries, viburnum, as well as winter-hardy varieties of apple trees, willow, ornamental shrubs. Carefully examine seedlings with open roots, especially if they are sold with leaves. In this case, the plants were dug out earlier than the period of natural leaf fall and the shoots did not mature. Often such specimens freeze slightly.

Advice! When buying seedlings in the fall, you need to pay attention to the fact that they have fewer leaves. Moisture evaporates through the leaf blades, and therefore the seedlings become dry and almost unviable.

Any culture in containers is transferred almost painlessly.

Tips for caring for fruit crops in November

Carry out final work on the care of plants on the recommended days. Back in October, after water-charging irrigation, when 40-80 liters of water are poured under the plant, depending on the age and volume of the crown, the trunks of trees and bushes are mulched with humus or peat. In warm weather, the leaves are removed from the trunk circles, the bark is cleaned from pests and possible fungal spores, the stems are whitened with slaked lime or paint, and damaged branches are cut off.Around the trunks of young seedlings, gardeners build special protection against small rodents and hares with the help of plastic or metal nets, burlap, newspapers, and cardboard.

In November, grapes, roses, clematis and other non-winter-hardy ornamental plants are sheltered throughout the middle zone. Plants are bent to the ground. Cardboard is placed on the soil, under the stems, boards, trunks are pinned with staples. The top is covered with mats made of natural materials, dense lutrasil. Frames are installed so as not to bend the plants to their height, and are protected with mats made of straw or reeds. If the weather permits, gardeners can use the advice of the lunar calendar, which recommends certain days for such activities:

  • 11-08.11;
  • 11-17.11;
  • from 20.11 to 24.11.

Days favorable for rest

Astrologers recommend that gardeners on the days when the moon passes through the sign of Aquarius according to the calendar, to arrange a rest, not to work with plants or to tidy up the garden and in the garden. You can cultivate the land, destroy pests. According to the calendar, such a period in November 2019 lasts from 14 hours 03.11 to 05.11 inclusive.

Folk omens for gardeners and truck farmers in November

In addition to the calendar, gardeners also listen to the proven wisdom of their ancestors:

  1. Humus is added to the last quarter of the moon.
  2. On the flawed moon, pests are destroyed.
  3. They ferment cabbage on a growing moon, but not on a full moon, because the workpiece will quickly deteriorate.
  4. Snow falls on November 1 - late spring.
  5. The aspen leaves the leaf inside out - for a warm winter.


The gardener's calendar for November 2019 displays the influence of the lunar phases on the development of plants. In the conditions of warm late autumn, they are still engaged in pre-winter planting. Synchronizing gardening with the movement of the moon allows for high yields.

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