Gardener lunar calendar for October 2019

The gardener's lunar calendar for October 2019 allows you to choose the optimal time for work on the site. If you adhere to the biological rhythms of nature, determined by the lunar calendar, you can more successfully harvest and plant for the next season.

Lunar calendar for the gardener and gardener for October 2019

When caring for the site, gardeners adhere not only to general recommendations on timing and weather conditions. The phases of the moon are also taken into account.

Moon phases

During October 2019, the night star will visit each of the existing phases:

  1. The growth of the moon will fall on the time period 1-13.
  2. There will be a full moon on the 14th of the lunar calendar.
  3. From the 15th to the 27th, the moon will decline.
  4. The new moon will take place on 28.
  5. From 29 to 31, the moon will begin to grow again.

Adhering to the lunar calendar 2019, gardeners can carry out autumn work as efficiently as possible.

The night star affects all the processes occurring in living organisms on Earth.

Favorable and unfavorable days: table

The table for 2019 will help gardeners to choose the most profitable time intervals for gardeners:


Best days to get work done

Bad days

Planting crops, gardening and gardening work

Well suited for planting days of the growing moon - 1 and 2, the growth of crops stimulates planting 10 and 11. You can sow garden crops to decrease the sun - 15 and 16 after the full moon, on the days before the new moon, as well as 30 and 31 after the new moon.

The full moon is on the 14th, the long period of the new moon is from 27 to 29.


5 and 6 for medicinal plants, 7 and 9 for tuberous. 12, 13, 16 are favorable.

Storage bookmark

17-23, 26, 30 and 31

Harvesting seeds and tubers for sowing


Important! In October 2019, only a few days are poorly suited for any work by gardeners. If there is a great need to plant crops, gardeners can also these days, but the results will be noticeably worse.

Gardener's calendar for october 2019

In addition to the general lunar schedule, marking good and unfavorable days for summer cottages, it is useful for gardeners to know a more detailed plan for October 2019. Some days are better for planting crops, while others should devote time to such autumn work as pruning, loosening and feeding.

Sowing calendar for October 2019 for gardeners

The 2019 lunar phase chart gives the following recommendations for each of the days:

  1. The arriving moon disc provides gardeners with favorable conditions for planting rhubarb in the garden, onions and garlic, and sorrel on the 1st and 2nd numbers. Onions and cauliflowers can be planted in the greenhouse.
  2. 3 and 4 are ideal for planting garlic in the garden and cauliflower greens in greenhouse conditions. You can plant lettuce and green onions.
  3. From 5 to 6, it is recommended to sow garlic and onions, sorrel and parsley in the beds.You can plant parsley and beets in a greenhouse, sow watercress and spinach indoors, and place cauliflower in a dark room to grow.
  4. From 7 to 9, it is not recommended for gardeners to plant garden and greenhouse crops. The indicated days of October 2019 according to the lunar calendar are well suited for other work on the site.
  5. On the 10th and 11th, you can pay attention to planting spinach, mustard and parsley in greenhouse conditions. On the beds in this lunar phase, gardeners should plant sorrel, and in a darkened room - send cauliflower and cyclic salad for growing according to the calendar.
  6. The 12th and 13th numbers are well suited for almost all types of sowing work. Gardeners can sow cabbage, dill and onions, plant roots and herbs, both in a greenhouse and in open beds.

    For October plantings in the garden, strictly defined calendar days are suitable.

  7. From 15 to 16 you can plant onions, and in the greenhouse - beets, mustard and spinach.
  8. From the 17th to the 19th, it is worth taking a break in the crops and taking time to care for the garden.
  9. 20 and 21, you can plant carrots, radishes and beets in the open-air garden, provided that the gardener has chosen winter-hardy varieties.
  10. On October 22 and 23, it is better to devote time to greenhouse plants, the calendar allows you to plant lettuce, dill, rhubarb, you can sow caraway seeds, perennial green onions and cilantro.
  11. 24 and 25 in sowing work again pause and switch attention to other chores, preparing the soil for winter and fertilizing.
  12. 26, according to the moon phases, you can plant root vegetables in a closed greenhouse, as well as mustard, watercress and lettuce.
  13. On October 30 and 31, 2019, onions of any variety are planted in a greenhouse, and in the city - garlic before winter.
Attention! As the lunar calendar indicates, in October 2019, any work should be abandoned on October 14 and from 27 to 29 - the days of the full moon and the new moon are poorly suited for gardeners.

Harvesting and storage

In October 2019, gardeners will have to think not only about the autumn planting of crops, but also about the harvest of the current year. The bulk of the work falls on September, but in October some root crops still remain in the beds and in the greenhouse:

  1. The 5th and 6th calendar of the lunar phases indicates the collection of rhizomes of medicinal plants, if any are present in the garden. But it is not recommended to touch root crops and greens these days.
  2. The period from 7 to 9 October is ideal for collecting and storing potatoes. At this time, gardeners can start harvesting seeds of valuable crops for subsequent planting.
  3. 12 and 13, attention can be paid to the collection of fruits, which will subsequently be used for medicinal purposes.
  4. 15 and 16 is a good day for mass harvesting for permanent winter storage.

It is better to pick vegetables and fruits according to the astronomical schedule.

As a rule, in mid-October according to the calendar, the last remnants of the crop are already removed from the beds, both outdoors and in the greenhouse. Therefore, further in 2019, gardeners only need to take care of laying root crops, bulbs and herbs for storage, this can be done from 17 to 23, as well as 26 and 30-31.

Collection and preparation of seed

Seeds for subsequent sowing are harvested from mature or even slightly overripe plants. But basically, the harvest according to the calendar is completed by the end of September, then the first frosts come, and the risk of simply losing the seed increases.

The optimal timing for collecting seeds and root crops intended for subsequent planting is 7, 8, 9. The lunar calendar 2019 recommends gardeners to finish with harvesting the material by the middle of the month.

When you can and can not deal with blanks

The lunar calendar 2019 gives certain recommendations on when to process and preserve the harvested crop for the winter:

  1. According to the lunar calendar, it is optimal to ferment cabbage for gardeners from 3 to 6, as well as from 12 to 16, with the exception of the full moon.
  2. From 3 to 4, you can freeze vegetables and fruits, 30 and 31 are suitable for such blanks.
  3. For pickling and pickling, as well as for making jams and preserves, the 12-13th day is optimal.

It is not recommended to deal with harvesting for gardeners from 10 to 11 lunar days. It is undesirable to carry out such work on the day of the full moon, they are not very suitable for workpieces 20-25 and 28. All other days of October are neutral for the gardener.

On certain days of the astronomical cycle, the workpieces are tastier.

Tips for preparing for the next season

Along with harvesting and harvesting in October 2019, you need to think about caring for the soil and preparing the garden for next year. The gardener, before the final arrival of cold weather, needs to add top dressing to the beds and carry out the last watering, weed and loosen the soil.

According to the lunar calendar, such work must be performed within a certain time frame:

  1. You can water and lay fertilizers in the ground on the 1st, 2nd, 15th, 19th. Also, from 12 to 13, you can devote time to feeding.
  2. 3 and 4, as well as 30 and 31 watering is not recommended. But these days, the garden can be treated against diseases and pests.
  3. Loosening and weeding is best done on the 1st, 2nd, 17th, and also on the 22nd. The soil will respond positively to weeding and hilling from 24 to 25 October.

On the days of the full moon and during the new moon, it is better not to carry out watering, feeding and other work.

Gardener's calendar for october 2019

The lunar schedule not only dictates the timing of garden work, but also regulates the care of the garden. It is better to transfer fruit plants and bushes to the ground in accordance with the astronomical phases of the lunar calendar 2019, the same applies to tillage and cutting of plants.

Heavenly satellite of the Earth affects the growth of horticultural crops

Planting calendar for October 2019 for the gardener

The second month of autumn is well suited for planting fruit and berry crops, provided that they are sufficiently cold-resistant, and real temperatures in October 2019 do not drop below zero.

It is best for gardeners to plant berry bushes at the beginning of the month. You can also carry out work after the new moon.

The middle of the month is well suited for the engraftment of tree seedlings. You can also land from 1 to 4 lunar days.

The lunar calendar directly advises not to engage gardeners in planting garden plants on the full moon and on the growing moon, since the planting material does not take root well these days.

Caring for fruit and berry crops in October

Trees and fruit shrubs growing in the garden require particularly careful maintenance in October 2019. They need to be prepared for the approaching winter, and the lunar calendar 2019 names the optimal dates for gardening:

  1. The calendar advises to apply fertilizers to the soil in accordance with the phases of the moon in the first 2 days of the month, then immediately after the full moon, on the 15th, and shortly before the new moon, on the 26th. Gardeners are allowed to add top dressing to the ground on October 5th.
  2. Watering in the garden is usually carried out simultaneously with fertilizing, since fertilizers dissolve better and more efficiently in moist soil. Therefore, watering should be done simultaneously with fertilization.
  3. For pruning trees and shrubs in 2019, 5 and 6 are ideal before the new moon, as well as 17 and 19 immediately after it. For the sanitary removal of dry branches and overgrowth, gardeners can choose 26 and 31.
  4. On the 3rd and 4th, you can whitewash the trunks of fruit trees, this will protect them from pests for the winter and will not allow them to crack in severe frosts. These days, and even from 7 to 9, gardeners can be engaged in loosening the soil under the trunks and removing weeds.

Before winter, the garden should be cleaned in accordance with the astronomical lunar cycles.

Spraying trees and berry bushes for the winter is best done in the first half of the month, in favorable weather - in the middle after the full moon. And 22 and 23 for a gardener is very useful to mulch the soil with organic fertilizers.

Harvesting and processing, storage

The last fruits from shrubs and fruit trees are usually harvested in early October.The lunar calendar 2019 recommends adhering to generally accepted deadlines, picking apples, pears, raspberries and other bushes is recommended until the 3rd. After that, the season for harvesting crops for long-term storage by gardeners begins.

Gardeners can harvest on all lunar days in October, except for the full moon and new moon. At the same time, 1, 20 and 21 are especially good for freezing and drying berries and fruits.

Advice! When harvesting, it is important for gardeners to adhere not only to the lunar phases and the calendar, but also to observe the weather. If the cold comes earlier than usual, you should hurry up with the collection.

When can and can not propagate fruit crops in October

Many gardeners prefer to propagate shrubs and fruit trees by cuttings, layering and grown cuttings not in spring, but in autumn. This procedure has its advantages; during autumn planting, seedlings require less care from the gardener.

According to the 2019 calendar, lunar days from 1 to 13 are ideal for breeding trees and bushes. The moon is growing at this time, and according to the popular calendar, in the growth phase of the night star, the terrestrial areas of plants also develop faster. From October 15 to 27, during the waning period of the lunar disk, they will develop worse. However, it is still possible for gardeners to propagate crops, it is forbidden to do this only on the full moon on the 14th, as well as on the new moon on the 28th and a couple of lunar days after it.

Many garden crops can be planted before the cold, it is important that they are resistant to cold

Winter-hardy varieties of pears and apple trees, raspberries and currants, gooseberries and honeysuckle are best suited for autumn breeding. Sweet cherries and cherries, and even more so plums, apricots and peaches, should not be touched by gardeners in the fall.

Folk omens for gardeners and truck farmers in October

In October, gardeners can not only be guided by the lunar calendar, but also remember folk signs. Beliefs help gardeners understand what winter lies ahead and whether spring is coming soon:

  1. As you know, warm October heralds a cold winter for gardeners. At the same time, it is believed that the first snow in this autumn month falls on the ground 40 days before the arrival of real winter.
  2. Beliefs say that what date the first snow falls in October, the same date in the spring of April will be the final warming.
  3. According to signs, a mild and warm winter is foreshadowed by an autumn thunderstorm with thunder in October.
  4. But if in the middle of autumn the birches and oaks are still half in the foliage, then the winter will be long and harsh.

The length of winter 2019 is important for gardeners, as it affects the care of the site. In a mild winter, gardeners need to make sure that the plantings and seeds do not get pushed or rotted; in the cold, it is necessary to carefully cover the beds and insulate the trees.

Days favorable for rest

Almost all days of October in 2019, gardeners can find a job on the site. But at the same time, gardeners are advised to abandon any activities on the full moon and on the new moon.

Rest for the garden and garden should also be given in the first couple of days after the new moon. Thus, it is best for gardeners to rest on 14 and 28, as well as from 27 to 29 October.

Several days of the month are recommended for rest on an astronomical schedule.


The gardener's lunar calendar for October 2019 regulates almost all garden work throughout the month. It is necessary to follow the calendar of the lunar phases not blindly, but reasonably, however, it is very useful to take it into account in your studies.

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