Tomato Lazy

It's no secret that tomatoes are a demanding crop to care for. What gardeners of our country do not go to in order to get a good harvest of these heat-loving plants. In order to somehow alleviate the already difficult life of our gardeners, Siberian breeders have developed a special tomato variety called Lazy. It is about him that will be discussed in this article.


Characteristics of the variety

Tomato Lazy is one of the brightest varieties Siberian selectionrecently withdrawn. But despite the fact that about 6 years have passed since its creation, it has already gained widespread and well-deserved popularity.

This variety got its name for a reason. It is ideal for the very beginner gardener, as well as for those who are tired of sweating and caring for tomato beds. Siberian breeding has left a special imprint on this variety - it tolerates frost well and is not sensitive to temperature fluctuations. This makes the Lazytom tomatoes suitable for growing not only throughout the middle lane, but also in the northernmost regions.

Important! It is only necessary to grow this variety in the northern regions in greenhouses or film shelters. The rest of the regions can safely plant the Lazy Woman in open ground - the yield will not suffer from this.

Tomato variety Lazytayka belongs to the early maturing varieties. From the moment of emergence to the ripening of the first fruits, it will take from 95 to 100 days. Its determinant bushes can grow up to 60 cm in height. Their compact size and low stature allow them to be grown even in small greenhouses. Plants of tomatoes of the Lazyayka variety do not need the obligatory formation of a bush. All they need is to remove the stepchildren to the first brush and tip the main stem at a height of 40-50 cm. Also, due to the abundant fruiting with large fruits, the Lazy Bushes require tying to a support.


The fruits of this variety are tied very amicably and mainly on the side stepchildren. Ripe Tomato Lazy has a heart-shaped shape and smooth skin. Its color can be varied: from bright red to crimson red. Tomatoes of this variety are large in size. Their average weight will be about 300 grams. With good care, the average weight of tomatoes can exceed 500 grams. The pulp of the fruit has an average density and contains from 4 to 5 partitions. The dry matter in Lazyayka tomatoes will be approximately 4.5%.


The flavor characteristics of this variety are excellent. They have a pleasant taste with a slight sourness. They are perfect for fresh consumption, as well as for making juices and various sauces. It is possible to use them for the preparation of pickles and preserves. In addition, the Lazy Tomato variety can also be consumed in dried form.

This tomato variety is distinguished by its resistance to late blight and macrosporosis. Of the pests, a bear and slugs attacking adult plants can be dangerous for this variety.

Important! Fungal lesions of plants and fruits of the Lazyayki variety are quite common when grown in a greenhouse.

To avoid this, one must not forget about the need for regular ventilation of the greenhouse.

Tomato variety Lazyanka has an increased yield. From each of its bush, you can collect up to 6 kg of tomatoes. The total yield per square meter will be about 15 kg.

The main advantages of the Lazyayka variety are:

  • large fruit sizes;
  • excellent taste and market characteristics;
  • the ability of tomatoes to be stored for a long time;
  • frost resistance;
  • the ability of fruits to ripen with premature removal from the bush.

In addition to the advantages, the Lazytom tomato variety has several disadvantages:

  • plants of this variety do not tolerate heat and drought quite well;
  • bushes require strong support;
  • may not grow on all soils.

Considering all the advantages of this variety, its disadvantages become insignificant. Many gardeners note the unpretentiousness of the Lazytom tomato variety, as well as its excellent yield.

Growing recommendations

In our latitudes, the Lazytayka tomato crop, like other varieties, is grown through seedlings. Its preparation begins in March, 50 - 55 days before landing in a permanent place.

Advice! Those gardeners looking to start harvesting this early variety even faster can plant the seedlings in a permanent place at 45 days from germination.

At the same time, it is necessary to plant seeds for seedlings not earlier than mid-March.

Despite the fact that almost all seeds undergo pre-sale preparation, experienced gardeners recommend sorting and processing them yourself. For this you need:

  • Submerge all seeds in water. Seeds that float to the surface are empty and cannot germinate. Therefore, they are not allowed to land. In addition, do not plant small and damaged seeds - most likely, they will not sprout.
  • Selected seeds must be treated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate for 15 minutes. After that, they must be rinsed with warm water.
  • Soak the seeds in water with the addition of mineral fertilizer or growth stimulant. The soaking period should not exceed 12 hours.

By sorting and processing seeds, you can achieve not only 100% germination, but also significantly strengthen the immunity of young plants.

When planting seeds for seedlings, it is worth adhering to a sowing depth of 1.5 cm. A deeper or shallow planting will not allow the seeds to germinate normally. In order for the seedlings to appear as quickly as possible, it is necessary to provide them with a temperature of 20 to 26 degrees. After the emergence of most seedlings, it is recommended to lower the temperature. During the day it should be 14-16 degrees, and at night it should be between 12-14 degrees.

To make the plants of the Lazyka tomato variety easier to transfer the transplant to a permanent place, they must be hardened. The hardening procedure is quite simple - young plants are taken out on the balcony at night or placed at a slightly open window. At the same time, in order to avoid stretching the seedlings, at first the containers must be covered with a film.

Important! Hardening is carried out at a night temperature of at least 10 degrees.

Lazy seedlings are picked after the formation of the first two leaves. At the same time, they must be transplanted carefully, without damaging the weak root system of the plants. During the pick, each plant must be inspected and, if root rot is detected, discarded. In addition, weak seedlings should not be given a chance. Especially if it is planned to be planted in open beds.

Tomato variety Lazy, despite its undemanding care, may not grow on all soils. Its seedlings should not be planted on highly fertilized acidic soils. Beds with loose soil of medium or neutral acidity will be optimal. If a crop rotation is organized on the site, then the beds after:

  • carrots;
  • Luke;
  • cucumbers;
  • cabbage;
  • legumes.
Important! Tomatoes should not be planted after potatoes or peppers for 3 years. These crops will not leave any useful substances for tomatoes.

In addition, they share common diseases, which will greatly increase the risk of infection of tomato plants.

More information about tomato diseases can be found in the video:

Young plants of the Lazyayka variety do not need a lot of space for optimal growth. One square meter can accommodate up to 6 bushes. Further care for them will not be difficult. All they need is:

  • Garter to a support or trellis;
  • Regular watering. In our climate, tomatoes should be watered no more than 2 times a week when grown outdoors and once a week when grown in a greenhouse. It is worth watering only at the root. Sprinkler irrigation for tomatoes is best avoided.
  • The removal of stepchildren of this variety is made only up to the first brush. In the future, the Lazy-eyed does not need pinching and forming a bush.
  • Fertilization with mineral and organic fertilizers.

Tomato variety Lazy can do without loosening and weeding. But carrying out these procedures can increase the productivity of plants of this variety.

If you follow these simple recommendations, you can harvest the first Lazy Tomatoes in 2.5 - 3 months from the emergence of shoots.


Galina, 42 years old, Kovrov
The Lazy Woman chose the variety of tomatoes from the photo. Already at home I read that he was unpretentious and quietly rejoiced. Seeds for seedlings were treated with potassium permanganate and planted. Seedlings sprouted together, but not all survived. I planted the seedlings in a greenhouse at the end of May. The bushes of this variety have grown quite compact. I planted them every 50 cm, but I could have left a little less space. The fruits are quite large, so the bushes must be tied up. They have a classic tomato flavor with sourness. The yield of this variety pleased me, so I will plant more.

Larisa, 31 years old, Strunino
This variety was purchased by mistake, but I have never regretted it. Lazy Tomatoes fully correspond to the photos from the seed packaging. They are large and very tasty. At the same time, they do not require special care. I grew them outdoors and did not expect abundant fruiting. But this variety surprised me. I will definitely plant it again.

Maria, 58 years old, Serpukhov
I have been raising a Lazy Woman for the second year. This variety requires mandatory tying to a support. In this case, it is necessary to tie up not only the trunk itself, but also the brushes. The first time I didn't, and the tomato brush broke. In general, the variety is really good. It has large and fleshy fruits. But without proper care, he will not give a bountiful harvest. Therefore, I would not say that he is so undemanding to care.

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  1. Variety "Lazy" is very good. Tomatoes are large even outdoors. The pulp is delicious, I would even say so, sugar. I really liked it. I will be sure to plant.

    02/14/2018 at 08:02
    Natalia 63 years old, Kemerovo
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