The best tomato varieties for 2021

Already, at the beginning of winter, it's time to think about which tomato seeds to buy for the next season. After all, before planting tomatoes in the garden, you need to grow seedlings. This process is quite painstaking, but the harvest of fresh vegetables will delight the owner and his guests throughout the summer season.

In this article we will try to identify the top 10 varieties of tomatoes, classify hybrids and varieties according to various characteristics, as well as recommend the best tomato varieties for 2021.

Why you need to plant tomatoes

Tomatoes came to Russia from South America; these fruits are very fond of sun and warmth. However, this did not prevent breeders from developing tomato varieties suitable for planting even in Siberia.

Today, not a single suburban area is complete without bushes with tomatoes. After all, a tomato is a very healthy berry, it contains lycopene, an antioxidant that promotes cell regeneration, prevents aging and the development of cancer cells.

In addition, the fruits of tomatoes contain a large amount of vitamins A and C, several trace elements, which makes this vegetable not only very tasty, but also incredibly healthy.

The versatility of the tomato also played a significant role in its prevalence. After all, tomatoes can not only be eaten fresh and added to salads, they make unique sauces, dried, dried, canned, pickled and even squeezed juice.

Gardeners who decided on growing tomatoes, should be prepared for some capriciousness of this culture, tomatoes need to be looked after - they will not grow by themselves. But each bush can please the owner of the site with several kilograms of excellent fresh vegetables.

How to determine the best tomato varieties to plant

Ranking the best tomatoes is not easy. Indeed, today there are more than 7.5 thousand types of these vegetables, and every year there are more and more varieties and hybrids of tomatoes.

To understand which tomatoes are best, you first need to decide what requirements are put forward for tomatoes. For example, it can be a dozen:

  • the earliest tomato;
  • suitable for open ground;
  • grown in greenhouses;
  • characterized by unusual characteristics (non-standard color, shape, taste);
  • new breeding developments in 2021;
  • varieties tested over the years and so on.
Attention! As a rule, farmers are most interested in the yield of the variety and the timing of fruit ripening.

10 best early-ripening tomato varieties

The ripening rate of vegetables is especially important in the climatic conditions of Russia. There is a relatively short summer here: first, the tomatoes are threatened by spring frosts, then autumn cold snap is coming.

In order for the tomatoes to ripen and give the fruit to the owner, their seeds are planted for seedlings in early March.

Only grown, matured and hardened seedlings can be planted in open ground. They do this no earlier than mid-May, and then, at night, it is better to cover the bushes with plastic wrap or special agrofibre.

"My love F1"

An early ripe hybrid is suitable for growing in greenhouses, greenhouses and open beds. In the greenhouse, the bushes grow up to 120 cm, and in the garden the bushes will be small - about 70 cm.The plant belongs to determinant - it regulates the height of the bush itself, as a rule, the tomato stops growing after the appearance of five inflorescences.

In order for the tomato to begin bearing fruit earlier, it is better to pinch it. But in the open ground, it is not at all necessary to form a bush and break off shoots, this can only be done for greenhouse plants.

Tomatoes grow large - the weight of each reaches 200 grams. Their pulp is of medium density, sugary. The peel is thin, glossy. The color of the tomatoes is bright red. The taste is high - the fruits are juicy and aromatic, suitable for canning, making juices and sauces. You can recognize the “My Love” tomato by its slightly elongated shape and a small nose on the bottom of the fruit.

A maximum of 5 kilograms of tomatoes can be removed from each bush. Most often, the entire crop is harvested in two times, since the fruits ripen simultaneously and quickly. Due to the speed of ripening (85 days), it is possible to harvest the entire crop even before the onset of night coolness, which avoids infection of plants with late blight.

My love F1

"Red Rooster"

Another early maturing determinant tomato. Plants are enough undersized, giving large fruits... The variety is suitable for film shelters and for growing in beds.

The height of the bushes is only 60-65 cm, but it is better to pinch the shoots and tie the stem. The fruits are ball-shaped, slightly flattened. The peel of tomatoes is smooth and shiny. The color of the tomato is red. The taste is pleasant, with sourness. The fruits do not crack. Each weighs about 250 grams.

The best destination for tomatoes of the variety "Red rooster»- preparation of early salads and fresh consumption.

The variety is distinguished by its unpretentiousness and resistance to diseases and cold snaps.

Red rooster

"First grader"

Undersized tomato early ripening. The variety can be grown in greenhouses or outdoors. The maximum height reaches 100 cm, so the plant must be tied up and partially pinned.

It is most efficient to grow a "First-Grade" tomato in three stalks - this way the yield will be maximum. Tomatoes have the shape of a slightly flattened ball, the color of the fruit at maturity is bright pink. The pulp is juicy, sugary. The taste, as for early ripe tomatoes, is excellent. The fruits are high in lycopene and sugars.

The mass of a tomato is 150-200 grams. These tomatoes are best eaten fresh, canned cut into pieces, or used for juicing.

First grader


A photo will help you fall in love with these bright yellow tomatoes. The variety belongs to the early maturing, it is considered indeterminate... When grown under a film or in a greenhouse, tomatoes reach a height of 200 cm. In the open field, the bushes will be shorter.

Plants must be tied up and broken off the side shoots - it is best to form a bush in two stems.

Ripe tomatoes are colored lemon yellow, have a flat-round shape, glossy peel. The taste of the fruit is pronounced, "tomato". There are few seeds inside the tomato, the pulp is juicy, dense. Most of all, these tomatoes are suitable for the preparation of dietary or children's products, fresh consumption.



The variety not only ripens very quickly (87 days), but is also famous for its unpretentiousness. The bushes grow small, but voluminous, so they need to be tied to a support or partially removed from the side shoots.

Tomatoes are in the shape of a ball, painted in a deep red color. The taste of the fruit is pronounced. Tomatoes are most suitable for making fresh salads, but they can also be processed.

The Skorospelka variety is appreciated for its resistance to low temperatures - even in cool weather, a large number of fruits are tied on the bushes. Tomatoes ripen quickly and amicably, which allows you to harvest before the autumn cold weather.



This tomato can be classified as mid-season, since the fruits ripen only on the 115th day after sowing the seeds. But the fruits are distinguished by a rich, characteristic "tomato" taste and aroma.

Bushes are small, compact, fruits are large, fleshy. The shape of the tomatoes is round, the color is red. The average weight of a tomato is about 200 grams. In order for the taste of the fruit to be excellent, it must be allowed to fully ripen.

Gardeners appreciate the Family variety for its high yield, unpretentiousness, excellent taste characteristics.



Semi-determinate tomato early ripening. The height of the bushes in the garden can reach 100 cm, in the greenhouse the tomatoes will grow even more. The stems must be tied to a support, the shoots must be pinned.

The shape of the tomatoes is oval; at the stage of maturity, the fruits are colored dark red. Each tomato weighs about 280 grams, pulp fleshy with sugar grains on a break. Tomatoes are great for fresh consumption and processing, they have a good taste and aroma.


"Abundant F1"

Determinant plant with early maturity. Bushes grow up to 50-70 cm, they must be tied up on a support and pinched side shoots. You can grow these tomatoes both in the greenhouse and in the garden.

The density of tomatoes is medium, the size is small, the weight of the fruit is about 80 grams. The pulp has an average density, a rather pleasant taste. The color of ripe tomatoes is deep pink. The small size of the fruits allows them to be used for canning and pickling as a whole.

Abundant F1

"Red Arrow"

The tomato ripens on the 95th day after sowing the seeds. The plant belongs to semi-determinant, the height of the bushes in the greenhouse can reach 120 cm. Tomatoes must be tied up and partially pinned.

Fruits ripen in clusters, each of which simultaneously has 7-9 tomatoes. There are about 10-12 of these brushes on each bush.

Matured tomatoes are colored red, have a rounded shape and medium size, their weight is about 150 grams. Taste characteristics are good. The tomato is perfect for canning and making fresh salads.

The special value of the hybrid is in its resistance to diseases, unfavorable climatic conditions, good keeping quality and suitability for transportation.

Red Arrow


Determinant tomato, with ultra-early ripening - the first vegetables can be enjoyed already on the 75th day after planting in the ground.

Suitable for growing in greenhouses and open beds. The height of the bushes is only 50 cm, they do not need to be pinned, but it is better to tie them to a support.

6-8 tomatoes are formed in each inflorescence. Their shape is round, the surface is smooth. Tomatoes do not crack, they have a juicy pulp and a pleasant taste. The mass of each tomato is about 100 grams. Most often, "Aphrodite"Used for pickling, salting, conservation.

The crop can be transported over long distances, the fruits can lie for a long time without loss of quality (a photo of this variety can be seen below).


The most productive tomatoes

Of course, most of all any gardener is worried about the question: "What varieties will bear fruit better?" After all, rarely for anyone the best varieties of tomatoes are those that have an exotic appearance, as in this photo, for example.

Create TOP-10 the most productive varieties and hybrids were helped by reviews of gardeners who grow the same tomatoes every summer.


An early maturing determinant tomato that allows harvesting as early as 95 days after planting seedlings for seedlings.

A distinctive feature of the hybrid is its unique stamina and fertility. With a bush height of only 35-45 cm, up to 10 kg of crop can be harvested from each square meter of the plot.

The bushes are so compact that they do not need to be tied up, much less pinned. Even in extreme heat, fruit set is very high.

The tomatoes are colored red. Their shape is perfectly even - a circle or a small oval. The weight of each fruit is 50-70 grams. The size, density of tomatoes, and the thickness of their peels are excellent for preserving whole fruits. But even fresh tomatoes are very tasty - juicy and aromatic.


"Snow Leopard"

Mid-early tomato - ripens on the 105th day after planting. The bushes are small, compact. The plant is resistant, therefore it is suitable for growing in the north of the country.

The height of the bushes is 50-60 cm, they do not need to be pinned, but they must be tied to a support. The tomatoes are round, with a slight ribbing. The density of the pulp is average. The taste is high. The mass of a tomato is 200-300 grams. These tomatoes are very tasty fresh, but they are also suitable for processing, canning.

The plant tolerates low temperatures, due to early ripening, is not afraid of late blight and frost.

Snow Leopard

Rio Grand

This variety belongs to the middle late - the fruits ripen by the 115th day after planting. Bushes are medium-sized, determinate type. The height of the plants reaches 100 cm, they must be tied up and partially pinched.

Rio grand have the shape of a plum, are painted in bright red, have a dense flesh. They are distinguished by a sweetish aftertaste, very tasty and aromatic. The weight of each tomato is on average 120 grams. Thanks to their thick skin, tomatoes can be transported and stored for a long time, excellent for whole-fruit canning.

The variety is appreciated for its unpretentiousness, resistance to extreme heat, rare watering, high productivity.

Rio grand

"Eternal Call"

Early ripe determinant tomatoes, the height of which reaches 70 cm. The tomato has a high yield and large fruit sizes, the bushes must be tightly tied to a support.

The tomatoes are round, slightly flattened. Their color is bright red. The weight of each tomato can reach 900 grams, on average it is 500-600 grams. Tomatoes are very juicy, fleshy and sweet. They are great in sauces, tomatoes, fresh salads.

From each bush, you can get up to six kilograms of the crop.

Eternal Call


Small bushes of this variety reach only 40 cm in height. The fruits ripen on the 120th day after planting.

Small tomatoes are dark red in color, have an elongated shape and a dense skin. Each tomato weighs about 40-75 grams. The taste of these tomatoes is excellent, with a pronounced aroma. Fruits are perfect for canning and pickling.

Plants are resistant to common diseases and low temperatures.



A variety intended for open ground. Tomatoes ripen on the 120th day after planting, therefore they have a pronounced taste and strong aroma.

The bushes are small, compact, their height reaches 80 cm. The fruits are very tasty, have a rounded shape, glossy surface. The mass of one tomato is 150 grams. The pulp is fleshy, juicy. It is good to use tomatoes for canning as a whole, for preparing fresh salads.


Review of the tomato "Astrakhansky"

Stepanova I.V., 63 years old, Stavropol
I live in Stavropol, there are very dense soils and hot summers. It is difficult to choose good tomatoes for such conditions, but “Astrakhan»Fits perfectly. Neither strong heat, nor wind, nor drought affects the yield of a tomato - in any case, I collect about four kilograms of vegetables from each bush. Tomatoes are great for pickling, they have an amazing fresh taste. Another advantage is that the variety is not afraid of diseases, such as top rot, TMV, Egyptian broomrape. I recommend “Astrakhansky” to everyone as a win-win option that gives consistently high yields.

I recommend “Astrakhansky” to everyone as a win-win option that gives consistently high yields.


Variety related to Siberian selection, which means that it is resistant to low temperatures, late blight. Standard bushes, low - up to 70 cm.

Tomatoes are colored red, have the shape of cream, have an excellent taste with a slightly noticeable sourness. The average weight of tomatoes is 100 grams, they are great for whole-fruit canning.


"Red Riding Hood"

The bushes of this tomato are low, very compact, they need to be pinched to the first ovary.

The fruits ripen early, have a round shape, and are colored red.Medium density pulp, good taste, strong aroma. Tomatoes are suitable for any purpose: canning, preparing salads, processing for juices or sauces.

Red Riding Hood


Medium-sized tomato with medium ripening periods. Bushes reach 120 cm in height, suitable for growing in a greenhouse and in the beds. They definitely need tying and pinching.

Each cluster contains 5-6 fruits - large cream of red color. Tomatoes are very tasty and fragrant, each weighing up to 200 grams. These fruits can be well preserved - they have a dense peel and pulp, tomatoes retain their shape after salting.


Bonner Beste

One of the oldest varieties, known all over the world for a long time. The plant is indeterminate, requiring pinching and garter to the support.

Tomatoes ripening on tall bushes are small in size, have a round shape, and are colored red. The mass of one tomato does not exceed 60 grams, which makes them suitable for canning and pickling.


To choose best tomatoes it is necessary by reading the reviews of experienced gardeners, having studied the photos of bushes and fruits with a description of the variety. Only after trying, you can find out the result, so every season you need to supplement your favorite tomatoes with at least one new variety.

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