The most productive varieties of tomatoes for the greenhouse

Tomato is a favorite vegetable for most gardeners. It is grown mainly in greenhouses and greenhouses, which allow you to create the most favorable microclimate for this thermophilic culture. Breeders offer many varieties of tomato, each of which has a special taste, distinctive shape, fruit color, and various agronomic characteristics. At the same time, many farmers pay special attention to the yield of tomatoes. So, the article contains the most productive varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses that allow to get more than 30 kg of fruits from 1 m per season2 soil. Below is a detailed description of such record-breaking varieties, the taste and agrotechnical features of their fruits are indicated.

High-yielding varieties

In most cases, indeterminate tomatoes have a record high yield, capable of growing and bearing fruit until unfavorable conditions. For growing such varieties, a greenhouse or greenhouse is an excellent option. In protected conditions, the temperature remains higher than in the open field, the plants are not afraid of short-term cold snaps and early frosts, which means that it will be possible to harvest until late autumn.

Some of the highest yielding indeterminate greenhouse tomatoes include:

Fatalist f1

Tomato variety widely known to Russian farmers. It has an exceptionally high yield, which, with proper care, is about 38-40 kg / m2... The tomato belongs to indeterminate, its bushes are very tall and leafy. When growing a tomato for the Fatalist f1 greenhouse, care should be taken to tie up and form a bush in time. This will prevent damage to the plant due to the large amount of fruit.

Fatalist f1

Fatalist f1 tomatoes ripen 100-110 days after sowing the seed. Before the onset of technical ripeness, the fruits are colored green, as they ripen, their color becomes bright red. The mass of one vegetable is 120-160 g, the shape of such fruits is flat-round. Tomatoes have a delicious, juicy pulp. Their skin is thin, not rough. The variety is highly resistant to cracking. The purpose of tomatoes is universal, they can be used in the preparation of salads and for canning.

Admiro f1

Admiro f1

The hybrid is a representative Dutch selection... In temperate climates, Admiro f1 tomatoes grow well and form plentiful ovaries. It is recommended to grow the variety in greenhouses. To plant tall indeterminate bushes should be no thicker than 3-4 plants per 1 m2 soil. By timely watering, loosening and feeding the plants, it will be possible to get a harvest of delicious red tomatoes in an amount of more than 39 kg / m2... Such a high yield allows you to eat fresh tomatoes in season and prepare pickles for the whole winter.

Tomatoes "Admiro f1" are medium-sized: their weight is about 130 g. They ripen together in 110-130 days. The variety is characterized by high resistance to diseases, namely verticillium, late blight, TMV, cladosporium.

Baldwin f1

Baldwin f1

A high-yielding tomato variety that has been well known to Russian gardeners for many years. In favorable conditions, the yield of greenhouse tomatoes of the Baldwin f1 variety exceeds 37 kg per 1 m2 soil. Such a high yield allows, without occupying large areas of land, to obtain the required amount of vegetables for fresh consumption and harvesting.

The bushes of the Baldwin f1 hybrid are indeterminate.As they grow, they need to be tied up and pinned. Mandatory plant care should also include loosening the soil at the root and abundant watering.

Tall bushes should be dived into a greenhouse no thicker than 3 seedlings per 1 m2... The best crop precursors are courgettes, cucumbers, as well as dill, cauliflower and parsley. Tomatoes of the "Baldwin f1" variety are demanding on the composition of the soil and to obtain a record yield, the plants need to be fed regularly (once every 2-3 weeks) with organic and mineral fertilizers with a high content of nitrogen and potassium.

Photo of tomatoes "Baldwin f1" can be seen above in the photo. They weigh about 150 g each. The ripening period for Baldwin f1 fruit is about 110 days. Ripe, red tomatoes are flat-round in shape. The taste and marketability of the fruit is high.

Gilgal f1

Gilgal f1

An amazing large-fruited variety with excellent vegetable taste. Each tomato of the "Gilgal f" hybrid weighs more than 250 g, its shape is classic - flat-round. Meaty tomatoes delight with sweet taste, dense and delicate pulp, thin skin. Such tomatoes are a godsend for lovers of fresh vegetable salads, delicious natural tomato pastes and juices. Canned tomatoes "Gilgal f1" are also very good.

You can cultivate this amazing variety of tomatoes in a greenhouse. Pre-grown seedlings should be dived into protected ground in mid-May according to the scheme 3-4 plants per 1 m2 land. A denser planting can create shading and disease.

Subject to regular watering, loosening and feeding on young plants, already above 6-7 leaves, the first inflorescence will appear, on which 3-5 tomatoes are formed and subsequently ripen. Active fruiting occurs 110 days after sowing the seeds. The size of the total yield reaches 40 kg / m2, moreover, more than 97% of the fruits are characterized by high commercial qualities.

Evpatoriy f1

Evpatoriy f1

Tomato "Evpatoriy f1" is ideal in terms of its taste and appearance. The flesh of the vegetable is fleshy and sweet, which makes it possible to use the vegetable in the preparation of salads, juices, and ketchup. Tomato "Evpatoriy f1" is also excellent for canning.

The hybrid "Evpatoria f1" is thermophilic, so it can be grown outdoors only in the conditions of Ukraine or Moldova. Russian gardeners grow this variety exclusively in hotbeds, greenhouses. Indeterminate tomatoes dive into the ground, 3 bushes per 1 m2 soils in mid - late May. Plant care is standard, should include watering, feeding, garter and pinching tomatoes and loosening, weeding the soil at the root.

During the growing season, the plant abundantly forms ovaries of 6-8 pcs per inflorescence. The first inflorescence is formed above 9-10 leaves. The ripening period for the fruits of this variety is 110 days. Ripe tomatoes weigh 130-150 g. The yield of the variety is surprising - 44 kg / m2.

Important! The Evpatorium f1 variety is resistant to all common diseases.

Rhapsody-NK f1

Rhapsody-NK f1

Another fruitful variety of tomatoes for the greenhouse. Differs in a short period of fruit ripening, which is only 100 days and an exceptionally high yield of over 43 kg / m2... Plants form abundantly ovaries in the amount of more than 7 pieces on each fruiting cluster. The weight of a ripe tomato is about 110-140 g. The taste of the vegetable is amazing: the pulp is juicy and sweet, the skin is thin, but resistant to damage and cracking.

Important! A distinctive feature of the "Rhapsody-NK f1" variety is its excellent transportability, which, in combination with a high yield, makes the variety indispensable for professional farmers.

Tomatoes of this variety are grown by farmers in Russia, Moldova and Ukraine. Plants dive mainly in the greenhouse, however, in the southern regions it is possible to grow tomatoes of the "Rhapsody-NK f1" variety and in open areas. The bushes of the hybrid are indeterminate and require garters, pinching and pinching.There is no need to process tomatoes with chemicals, since the plants have genetic resistance to verticillium, cladosporium, and tobacco mosaic virus.

Talitsa f1

Talitsa f1

Every gardener who wants to grow a high-yielding tomato variety should pay attention to the Talitsa f1 hybrid. This tomato is unpretentious in care, painlessly tolerates short-term drought, low and high temperatures, and at the same time is ready to please the farmer with a high yield, which is more than 38 kg / m2... A weakly leafy, indeterminate plant grows up to 2 m. It is grateful for feeding with mineral fertilizers and organic matter.

Small bright red tomatoes weighing up to 120 g are very tasty and juicy. Perfect for salads and canning. The skin of tomatoes is tender and thin, but does not crack as the fruit grows. Tomatoes of the Talitsa f1 variety ripen in 100-110 days.

So, the article lists the most famous high-yielding tomatoes, the taste and agronomic characteristics of which have been tested by time. They deserve the attention of every gardener who chooses a high-yielding tomato variety from a wide variety. For those who are wondering which variety of tomato is the most productive for greenhouses, it is recommended to get acquainted with the Westland f1 hybrid.

Westland f1

Westland f1

This variety has a record yield - up to 60 kg / m2... Tomatoes are grown exclusively in greenhouses, greenhouses. The plant is demanding to care for and bears fruit in full, growing only on nutritious soil, as well as subject to regular abundant watering.

The fruits of the hybrid are tasty and sweet, with an average weight of 140 g. Vegetables ripen relatively early - 100 days from the day of sowing the culture for seedlings.

Important! With all its advantages, the Westland f1 variety is not very popular among farmers, since it is a relative novelty on the market and does not inspire confidence.


All given are yielding tomato varieties are tall and require certain care rules to be followed. Information on how to properly form tall tomatoes is shown in the video:

Choosing high yielding varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses, it is worth paying attention to the options given above, since they differ not only in a bountiful harvest, but in an excellent taste of the fruit. They are easy to grow in a greenhouse if you know and use the rules for forming a bush, regularly water and feed the plants. It is worth noting that all of the above fruitful varieties have been tested by many years of experience of farmers and have a lot of positive feedback on various agricultural forums and websites.


Valentina Petrova, 54 years old, Yekaterinburg
I have been growing the Fatalist f1 variety for many years. During this time, he never let me down: always a high yield, tomatoes of excellent taste. The good news is that the tomatoes are small "one by one", about 120 g each, fit well in the whole jar and allow you to prepare delicious and beautiful seaming. I always recommend this tomato variety to all interested gardeners.
Anna Mikhanko, 38 years old, Biysk
I really like the variety "Gilgal f1", because it always bears fruit in large quantities, the tomatoes are very tasty, sweet. Vegetables work well for salads and for rolling. In cultivation, the variety is not whimsical, it only requires watering and feeding. Extra stepsons are also periodically removed from the bushes. I recommend this variety to all "lazy gourmets" because it makes it easy to grow many delicious tomatoes.
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