Gardener lunar calendar for august 2020

August is not only the last warm month, but also the time for intensive work in the garden. This is harvesting and preparation of conservation, preparation of beds for winter plantings. And in order for the work to bring positive results, you need to carefully study the gardener's lunar calendar for August 2019.

Lunar calendar of the gardener and gardener for august 2019

In the last summer days, summer residents take off the grown crop, because if you are late with the collection, overripe fruits, vegetables, herbs and root crops quickly deteriorate, are stored less and lose their presentation.

In August they collect:

  • early ripe fruit varieties;
  • cucumbers, eggplants, peppers;
  • greens;
  • berries;
  • tomatoes;
  • potatoes;
  • zucchini, squash, pumpkin;
  • onion garlic.

Also in August, the beds are put in order, green manure is sown, perennial crops are planted, trees and shrubs are ennobled.

When working in the garden, it is necessary to take into account the prosperous days in August according to the lunar calendar.

Moon phases

August 1 - new moon. At this time, gardeners take a day off.

From 2 to 14, during lunar growth, it is recommended to carry out:

  • transplantation of ornamental and berry bushes;
  • picking berries and fruits;
  • sowing early ripening greens, radish, daikon and Chinese cabbage;
  • collection of spicy, medicinal herbs and seeds for storage;
  • sanitary pruning of shrubs;
  • preparation of cuttings for propagation.

August 15 - full moon. This day is for relaxation and fun.

16-29 - the departing moon. The following events are held on this day:

  • preparation of beds;
  • collection of roots and berries;
  • preparation of preserves for the winter;
  • mustache trimming, strawberry and strawberry transplant;
  • picking potatoes;
  • plantings are treated for pests and diseases;
  • reproduction of the varieties you like by grafting;
  • harvesting the collected root crops for storage.

August 30 - new moon. At this time, the gardeners are resting.

August 31 - the reviving moon. At this time, you can spend:

  • sowing green manure;
  • processing of trees and shrubs;
  • pruning roses;
  • rooting cuttings;
  • sanitary pruning;
  • dig up the soil;
  • mulch strawberry beds;
  • planting young seedlings.

Full moon and new moon - peak moon day. During this period, it is necessary to abandon work at the summer cottage, since this will not be beneficial, but, on the contrary, will lead to wilting of plants and their death.

The growing moon - at this time, the plants receive vitality. This phase has a beneficial effect on the harvest of berries, cereals and legumes, vegetables.

The waning moon - has a positive effect on plants that bear fruit by root crops.

Table of favorable and unfavorable days in August

To grow a re-crop, you only need to sow fast-maturing varieties and take into account the weather conditions. Seed planting calendar for August 2019:


Favorable days for planting in August

Blue, tomatoes, greens and bell peppers

8, 9, 16-18, 27, 28


1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 27, 28, 31


4, 5, 8, 9, 14, 21-23


8, 9, 21-23, 27, 28

Important! Zelentsy, peppers, blue and tomatoes are planted only in greenhouses or under a film shelter, since in August the days remain warm and the nights become cool.

Unfavorable days for working in the garden are: 10-12, 26.

Folk signs:

  1. If it is cloudy on August 1, it will rain all month.
  2. Rainy weather on August 2, 14 and September 27 promises rich fruiting in the next season.

Gardener lunar calendar for august 2019

In the last warm days, after getting acquainted with the calendar for gardeners, summer residents continue to carry out sowing work. For this, crops with an early ripening period are used and when planting, it is necessary to follow the weather forecast.

Lunar sowing calendar for August 2019

In August, summer residents re-sow dill, radishes, lettuce and Chinese cabbage. Since the shorter the daylight hours and the cooler the night, the faster the seeds will germinate and a good harvest can be reaped. Dill, growing in cooler weather, grows lush, fragrant, does not bloom for a long time. Cutting is carried out in a timely manner, since powdery mildew may appear on the crop at the end of summer, and the diseased plant cannot be stored.

If the family has children, then you can plant early ripe sweet peas, adhering to the lunar sowing calendar for August. It will not only delight household members, but also enrich the soil with micronutrients.

Also in August, taking into account the lunar calendar, you can plant ultra-early ripening varieties of cucumbers. But at the end of the month, in order to protect crops from a drop in temperature, they are covered with agrofibre or film.

Important! If you follow all the recommendations of the sowing calendar for August 2019, then the resulting harvest will lie for a long time, summer residents will be able to plant a new batch of early ripening crops and make tasty, healthy preparations.

If the crop is harvested, the garden bed remains empty, then August is the time when you need to sow green manure. If the place is intended for sowing early, spring vegetables, then it is sown with barley, oats or phacelia. You can also use legumes. The mustard planting should be postponed until a later period when the cruciferous flea attack subsides.

Important! Mustard is not sown in the garden beds where radishes, daikon and cabbage will grow in the future.

The last warm month is the time to prepare the winter garlic bed. For this, a place where potatoes, legumes, cucumbers, crucifers and tomatoes used to grow. It is important that the site is not flooded during snow melting and is located on a hill. If the bed is free, and the garlic is planted at the end of September, then it can be used with benefit. To do this, grow siderates, which will have time to ripen before the onset of frost: beans, peas or chickpeas. If there is no time for planting them, then the garden bed during digging is filled with compost, superphosphate and potassium sulfate. The dosage is calculated strictly according to the instructions.

Gardener's lunar calendar for august 2019

August is the time to harvest berries, fruits, vegetables, herbs and root crops. At the end of the month, almost all fruit and berry crops stop bearing fruit. Taking into account the lunar planting calendar for August, apples, pears, cherry plums, gooseberries, currants, sea buckthorn and much more are harvested in the garden. Tips for beginner gardeners:

  1. Apples and pears - for long-term storage, fruits are harvested unripe. To prepare preserves for the winter, they must be at full maturity.
  2. The plum and cherry are removed in the early morning, while the fruits are separated along with the stalk. The collected fruits must be eaten fresh immediately or prepared for the winter.

Besides harvesting, there is a lot of work backlog before winter. Such as:

  1. Strawberry care. At the 15th of August, the collection of remontant varieties is completed and the planting of the cut mustache begins. After harvesting, damaged leaves are removed from old bushes, excess mustaches are removed, potassium-phosphorus fertilizing is carried out, the beds are mulched with straw or dry foliage.
  2. Pruning raspberries. Non-repaired varieties need it. All fruiting, damaged and dry shoots are shortened under a stump no more than 10 cm in size. In order not to overload the bush and get a lot of berries for the next year, you need to leave no more than 15 strong, healthy, young shoots.
  3. Treatment of the garden from pests and diseases.

Favorable days for the reproduction of fruit and berry crops

In August, rooted cuttings of currants and gooseberries are removed from the shelter, followed by planting in a permanent place. The landing site should be sunny and protected from gusty winds. Also this month, rooting of branches and reproduction by dividing the bush are carried out.

Also, at the beginning of the month, stone fruit trees are propagated by inoculation. The most common method is T-shaped. At the end of the month, they check the survival rate and begin to prepare the tree for a long wintering.

For rooting to be successful, you need to familiarize yourself with the lunar sowing calendar for August. Favorable days for the propagation of berry bushes: August 2, 3, 14, 15.

Days favorable for rest

August is rich in Orthodox holidays, during which you need to postpone work in the garden and in the garden. What holidays await agronomists in the last month of summer:

  1. August 14th. First Spas - when working in the garden, the result will be zero.
  2. August 19. Second Savior - on this day you need to rest and have fun, and also forget about working in the garden. This holiday is shrouded in folk signs: if you eat an apple and make a cherished wish, it will come true. Whatever the weather (clear or cloudy) will be at this time, the same can be expected in January, if the day is rainy, then most of the winter days will be cloudy.
  3. August 28. Dormition - on this day, according to the lunar calendar, the "young Indian summer" begins. On this holiday, gardeners take a rest and pray for a good harvest. If the weather is sunny, September will be cloudy and rainy. If you help those in need on this day, then the collected fruits will retain their beneficial properties and will lie for a long time.


The gardener's lunar calendar for August 2019 is an indispensable assistant for summer residents who grow crops. If you plant on favorable days, then you will not be left without a crop. And if you ignore the phase of the new moon and full moon, then all the work will go to waste. It must also be remembered that the growing moon has a beneficial effect on plants that produce aboveground crops, and the waning moon has a beneficial effect on root crops.

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