Gardener's lunar calendar for may 2020

The gardener's lunar calendar for May 2020 is a very useful assistant when planning spring work. Fulfilling his recommendations, it is much easier for gardeners to take care of crops, to carry out all agrotechnical measures on time. The compilation of the calendar is based on the knowledge of the young science of biodynamics, which studies the natural rhythms of organisms. The lunar calendar is released every year, so it will not be difficult to decide on the work in May 2020. The publication takes into account not only the centuries-old experience of farmers, but also modern scientific knowledge about the influence of the lunar phases on the development of plants.

Moon phases in may 2020

To understand the effect the Moon has on garden crops, you need to know some basics. Plants develop in a different rhythm depending on the zodiacal sign in which the Luminary is located. The days of the full moon, new moon, and also eclipses were marked as unsuccessful for garden activities. By the way, eclipses are taken into account not only lunar, but also solar. These are significant days in which the radiation of the moon changes, so the plants are forced to rebuild. A lot of energy is spent on the restructuring of rhythms, and the growth rate decreases. If you carry out the usual procedures these days - sowing, planting seedlings or transplanting, then the plants experience a double load.

From the moment the "new" moon begins to the opposite phase, the full moon, there is an inflow of fluids on the earth or the attraction of water upward. In plants, sap flow from roots to aerial parts is observed. When the moon is full, crops have their greatest burst of energy. They show good resistance to any adverse effects, have the largest supply of nutrients in all vegetative organs. Therefore, the maximum yield of aboveground fruits is removed on the days of the full moon itself and another day later.

The next stage demonstrates the reverse movement of the liquid - from top to bottom. The greatest accumulation of the vital energy of the plant falls on the root system. Therefore, any actions affecting the roots are highly undesirable. Gardeners avoid planting or replanting crops these days. The sensitivity of the roots is increased, they cannot withstand even the slightest damage. On this day, you should refrain from landing events.


Table of favorable and unfavorable days

The lunar sowing calendar for May is an excellent tool for farmers. There is work on the site every day. Therefore, knowing auspicious days according to the lunar calendar makes it possible not only to save precious time, but also to competently handle plants. Awareness of unfavorable days helps to protect garden crops from unnecessary shocks, and the gardener from unforeseen losses. During one cycle, the moon passes from one sign of the zodiac to another. Some of them inhibit the processes in plants, while others activate them. The most unfavorable in May 2020 are the days of the full moon and new moon. The recommendations of the lunar sowing calendar for May 2020 should be treated without fanaticism. Of course, you should not think that nothing can be done these days. You just have to limit your activity, special care must be taken during the first 12 hours after the event. In addition to these dates, May 12 and May 26, namely the days of the end of the first and third quarters, are unfavorable according to the lunar calendar.

Also, the lunar calendar table for May 2020 contains instructions on auspicious days for gardeners and truck farmers. You can perform any work without fear of harming the plants on May 9, May 14, May 24 and May 29.

Lunar landing calendar for May 2020

Further, it will be presented which procedures are recommended to be carried out on specific days of May, and which ones are better to refuse. In nature, there is an amazing relationship between all events. Observing the influence of planets or constellations on the development of plants, you can group recommendations for gardeners. Depending on which sign of the zodiac the moon is in, you can perform certain works:

  1. Aries does not advise to appoint plantings in their days, but work with adult plants will be fruitful.
  2. Taurus favors the planting of fruit trees, shrubs, as well as bulbous crops.
  3. The twins create a favorable background for pest control, planting legumes.
  4. Cancer advises not to start harvesting, but it is very favorable for any planting or caring for plants.
  5. Leo allows weeding and loosening, but advises to postpone other procedures.
  6. Virgo cooperates with Leo, introduces the same restrictions.
  7. Libra is the most favorable sign for farmers. You can plant, clean.
  8. Scorpio offers more to schedule harvesting than planting.
  9. Capricorn is good for working with roots and legumes.
  10. Aquarius completely prohibits planting any crops.
  11. Fish are not allowed to transplant and plant plants in their days.

This is the main value of the calendar. It makes it possible to plan in advance the entire scope of work for a month, taking into account the influence of the moon. A well-thought-out schedule will save you from unforeseen situations.

Lunar calendar for may 2020 for gardeners

The main spring work for gardeners is planting, transplanting, pruning and processing plants. To plan each action correctly, you should heed the recommendations of the gardener's lunar calendar for May.


The information is more clearly perceived in the table, drawn up according to the lunar calendar:


The sign of the zodiac in which the moon is located

Permitted work



It is allowed to plant grapes, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, berry bushes, remove mustaches from strawberries, and plant trees.

It is not recommended to trim and process cultures with drugs.



Can be treated against pests and diseases, cut out growth.

Do not water, feed, cut garden crops.


New moon

It is recommended to postpone gardening work.



Sanitary pruning, plant grafting, and strawberry planting will do without any problems. These are the procedures that the gardener can do without restriction.



Transplanting and planting trees or shrubs will be successful. You can do mineral dressing, water the garden.

However, pesticides cannot be used for treatments.


a lion

It is not recommended to transplant, feed, water.



Good days for planting rose hips, grapes, fruit trees. Shrubs are easily propagated by layering or cuttings.

Pruning is not recommended.



Rooting of strawberry and strawberry whiskers, shrub layering.

Should not be treated for diseases and pests, grafting or pruning.



On these days, fruit trees, shrubs should be planted, grafted, rooted strawberry whiskers, shrubs should be propagated by layering, green cuttings.

Do not prune or pinch plants.


Full moon

Day of rest for the gardener



You can appoint planting grapes, rooting cuttings, weeding a garden plot.

Do not water or prune your plants.



Favorable time for planting, sanitary pruning or grafting.

It is not advisable to disturb the roots.



The most optimal actions are pruning, cutting shrubs, cutting out overgrowths.

The garden does not need watering and feeding.



Planting, pest and disease control, propagation of plants by layering, rooting of strawberry whiskers will be successful.

It is undesirable to carry out loosening in the root zone.

Days favorable for rest

Among the days of May 2020, such days are the days of the new moon and full moon, namely the 5th and 19th. Gardeners need to know that they should not disturb plants one day before and one day after the new moon. During this period, they are still weakened and do not tolerate any interference with vital activity. Full moon rest lasts one day.


The gardener's lunar calendar for May 2020 is not just useful, but a necessary assistant for planning work. Considering his recommendations, it is very easy to avoid many troubles. If you carry out activities on favorable days, the plants tolerate them easily, respond well to any action of the gardener.

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