Dutch varieties of tomatoes for open ground

Russia is a country of risky farming. In some regions, it can snow in May, making it difficult to grow popular vegetable crops, especially when it comes to open field. Summer residents start buying seeds in winter, and almost all of our citizens start growing popular cucumbers and tomatoes. Let's talk about tomato seeds. Varieties on the market Dutch selection have already gained popularity. Let's figure out which of them can be considered the best.

Dutch tomato varieties

To choose the right seeds, you need to determine which parameters are important for you:

  • yield;
  • fruit size and taste;
  • type of growth of the tomato bush;
  • resistance to diseases and viruses;
  • use of products;
  • commercial qualities.

During the Soviet period, problems from seeds on the territory of our country were not. Tomatoes have always been held in high esteem. Until now, some varieties of that time are planted on our plots. However, with the fall of the Iron Curtain, imported seeds began to arrive in Russia. Not all of them were of good quality, but today the market regulation is working at the proper level, so a large number of products from Dutch breeders are in special demand. In general, the market share between the companies is distributed as follows:

  • Russian companies (up to 80%);
  • Dutch companies (up to 15-17%);
  • French and Ukrainian (no more than 3%);
  • other seeds (no more than 2%).

What is the secret of the popularity of seeds from Holland?

The Dutch have been breeding tomato varieties for a long time. Tomatoes, as a heat-loving culture and demanding for the sun, quickly took root in a rainy country with a minimum number of sunny days a year. This is why Dutch tomato varieties and hybrids are considered very resistant. In addition, experts have done a tremendous job of breeding hybrids that are resistant to a huge number of common diseases and viruses in tomatoes.

It cannot be argued that the Dutch varieties are definitely better than ours, bred by local agricultural firms. When buying one or another bag of seeds, it is important to pay attention to the peculiarities of growing. Each plant has its own planting scheme, thermal and light regimes, features of the formation of a bush. All this must be taken into account.

It should be noted that it was the Dutch companies that succeeded in developing new high-yielding tomato varieties. Going to the store, be sure to pay attention to them.

Review of the best varieties for open ground

The best varieties of tomatoes from Holland for growing in the open field were selected based on their persistence, yield and, of course, high taste.

Important! If the taste is evaluated by experts as "4 - good", then these tomatoes are most often processed.

For fresh consumption and in salads, tomatoes are most often grown with "excellent" and "excellent" ratings.

Below are the Dutch varieties of tomatoes for open ground, successfully grown on our Russian sites.



A hybrid named "Debut" is represented by large fruits with dense skin. The average weight of each tomato is 200 grams. The ripening period is ultra-early, which means that it will be of interest to those gardeners who live in areas with short summers, for example, Siberia and the Urals. The plant's bush is determinate, its growth is limited.

Resistant to diseases such as late blight, alternaria, verticillosis, gray leaf spot. Excellent taste, good for fresh summer salads. The commercial qualities are excellent. Since the hybrid is intended for open and closed ground, in case of an early cold snap, low bushes of seedlings can be covered with a film.

It is represented on the Russian market by Seminis.



The Dutch company Bejo presents the Sultan hybrid tomato as one of the best for outdoor cultivation. It is especially liked by residents of the southern regions, as it tolerates heat and drought. Tomato is picky about the introduction of mineral fertilizers, especially superphosphate.

The fruits of the "Sultan" hybrid are fleshy, it belongs to the so-called class of beef-tomatoes. Closed bush determinant. The yield is high, at least 10 kilograms per square meter. The taste is excellent, it is used fresh and for salting, the fruits weigh 150-200 grams. The growing season is short and is only 73-76 days.



Hybrid "Tarpan" is represented by beautiful fleshy fruits with excellent taste. The supplier is the renowned company Nunhems. The tomato is intended for growing in open and closed ground, resistant to heat, therefore it is suitable for growing on the territory of the Krasnodar Territory, Stavropol Territory, the Volga Region, the Black Earth Region and the Belgorod Region, as well as in the Crimea and other regions.

Ripening period 90-100 days, bush of limited growth of determinant type. The good thing is that up to 5 plants can be planted per 1 square meter without affecting the yield. Fruits weigh 130-150 grams and are used universally.



Describing the best varieties of tomatoes for open ground from Holland, one cannot but recall the Tanya hybrid from the Seminis company. These tomatoes are very famous for their high marketability, shelf life and long distance transport.

The ripening period is from 90 to 100 days from the moment the first shoots appear. The fruits are very beautiful, they are aligned (200 grams each fruit), the yield is friendly. The taste is excellent, the Tanya tomatoes are the optimal balanced content of sugars and acids. They have a bright aroma. The plant is compact, does not require pinching, which cannot but please those gardeners who prefer tomatoes "for the lazy". The use is universal.

Super Red

Super Red

The name of the hybrid is translated as "bright red" because its skin has a very beautiful scarlet hue. The Super Red hybrid is represented on the market by Seminis. It is intended for growing in open ground and in film shelters. The weight of one fruit is from 160 to 200 grams. The taste is good, the skin is dense, due to this, the tomato fruits do not crack, they are stored for a long time and can be transported.

The yield is high, at 13.5 kilograms per square meter. Resistant to diseases such as fusarium wilting, TMV, yellow leaf curl virus, verticillosis.



Hybrid "Halffast" Dutch selection from the Bejo company is intended exclusively for open ground. It ripens in 86 to 91 days and is represented by fleshy tomatoes with excellent taste. It is for this quality that gardeners love him. The hybrid is well known in Russia, the tomato fruits do not crack, they have an excellent presentation, the weight of each of them is 100-150 grams. The yield reaches 6 kilograms per square meter.

The determinant tomato bush, only 60-65 centimeters high, does not require formation, it is very easy to care for such plants. Since the bush is quite compact, you can plant seedlings quite tightly, for example, 6 pieces per square meter. Used for salads, canning, juices and sauces.



This ultra-early ripening Dutch tomato hybrid from Seminis is designed for both greenhouse and outdoor cultivation.The growing season is very short (62-64 days), which is good news for the inhabitants of the Urals and Siberia. The yield is extremely high, up to 4.5 kilograms of high-quality tomato fruits can be harvested from one bush, and up to 12.5 kilograms from a square meter.

Tomato fruits are bright red, large (240 grams). Taste is good, marketable - excellent. The shelf life is at least 7 days. The bush of the plant is compact, it can be planted quite tightly. The use is universal.



Elegro is a disease and virus resistant tomato hybrid with a short growing season. From the moment the first shoots appear and until the tomato ripens, 72 days pass. The hybrid is intended for outdoor cultivation. Resistance to the following diseases is guaranteed by the company by the seed producer: yellow leaf curl virus, TMV, fusarium, verticillium wilting. Almost nothing threatens the crop during the growth period.

The bush is compact, determinate, limited in growth. The average foliage of the plant allows planting seedlings of 4-6 pieces per square meter. At the same time, the yield does not suffer, up to 4.5 kilograms of excellent tomatoes can be harvested from the bush. The fruits of the hybrid are dense, round, they do not crack. Good taste. It is profitable to grow in large quantities for sale.



When describing the best varieties of Dutch tomatoes, we are most often describing hybrids. The Gina tomato is a varietal one, which is a rarity for products from the Netherlands. The variety is famous for its high yield, vigor of growth, ease of care, excellent fruit taste.

The bush of the "Gina" variety is compact, undersized. It reaches a height of only 30-60 centimeters, it does not need to be pinned and shaped. The tomato is mid-season, for 110 days of the growing season, the fruits have time to absorb the optimal amount of sugars and acids, which makes tomatoes very tasty. Tomatoes are large, weighing up to 280 grams. The yield is high, about 10 kilograms of tomatoes can be obtained from a square meter. Ideal for industrial cultivation. Suitable for fresh consumption and canning.



The Benito hybrid was created for those who like small tomatoes with high resistance to temperature extremes. This is an early ripe tomato, the growing season is only 70 days, the weight of each fruit does not exceed 120 grams. Tomatoes are aligned, colored bright red, and have excellent taste. Despite the fact that the fruits are small, the plant bears fruit abundantly. This is a big plus. That is why the hybrid is recommended for growing on an industrial scale with the aim of selling it to the market. The yield reaches 22 kilograms per square meter.

From 7 to 9 fruits are formed on one brush, the plant needs to be tied up and shaped. Resistance to verticillium wilt and fusarium is a plus. High commercial quality, safety during transportation.

Benefits of technology from the Netherlands

The main advantage of any variety or hybrid is considered to be a high yield with a minimum amount of energy and money consumption. Many of us have faced a problem when seedlings planted in open ground suddenly start to hurt. The struggle for survival begins, not for productivity. Every time at such a moment, you want it not to happen again.

The resistance of plants to a complex of diseases is what distinguishes the newest Dutch tomato varieties.

Strict adherence to instructions is essential. Sometimes it is advised to form a tomato bush in one stem, sometimes in two. All this, including the seedling planting scheme, greatly affects the yield. Tomatoes from the Netherlands are no different from our Russian seeds in terms of their growing demands.

The soil is prepared since autumn, digging it up, and processing it after harvesting. In the spring, before planting seedlings, they are disinfected, superphosphate is added.As for mineral fertilizers, Dutch tomatoes are no less demanding in their application during the flowering and fruiting period. At the same time, Dutch tomatoes are demanding on space, they do not tolerate planting of seedlings in large quantities in small areas. This will affect the yield of varieties and hybrids.

Additional tips for growing tomatoes outdoors are presented in the video below:

In general, they will help gardeners determine the work plan for the season. This will ensure high yields for all varieties and hybrids selected for planting.

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