Pork liver liver cake: step by step recipes with photos, videos

Pork liver liver cake is a delicate, tasty and satisfying snack that looks spectacular on any table. By modifying the classic cooking option and using additional products, it will be possible to favorably emphasize the great taste of the dish.

How to make pork liver cake

Pork liver does not need to be subjected to prolonged heat treatment, it is enough to darken it for several minutes in a well-heated frying pan. If the cakes are overexposed, they will become too dry, which will negatively affect the taste of the cake. Wheat flour is usually added to the dough, but you can replace it with buckwheat, while adding a little starch for viscosity.

The liver cake must be decorated. An excellent material for decorating snacks is vegetables. They are in good harmony with pork liver and emphasize its taste favorably. You can use not only raw, but also pickled and boiled vegetables. Curly slicing will help give the cake a more elegant, festive look.

A quicker garnish of grated cheese, shredded egg, nuts, or chopped greens also looks good. Large elements from a lemon slice, boiled quail egg, cherry tomatoes or pickled mushrooms look beautiful in the center of the cake.

Advice! For herbs, you can use parsley, cilantro, green onions, dill, or a mixture of these.

Chilled pork liver is best for making the cake. You should pay attention to its appearance. It should have a fresh, not very dark color and a specific sweetish aroma. When buying frozen offal, be sure to look at the expiration date. If it comes to an end, then it is better not to purchase the liver, since the dish will turn out to be less tender. In this case, the packaging should not be broken.

Pork liver has a bitter taste that can be easily removed by soaking. To do this, it is poured with milk for 2 hours. To soften the offal, before cooking, you can scald it with boiling water or immerse it in boiling water for 3 minutes. After that, cook according to the recommendations of the selected recipe. To prevent bile from getting into the dough, thereby not spoiling the taste of the dish, be sure to cut out the ducts and remove all films.

Advice! To prevent the pork liver from becoming dry and tough after heat treatment, soak it in milk before cooking.

To form a cake from carefully chopped liver mass, thin pancakes are baked, which are coated with various fillings. For the layer, vegetables are fried. Carrots and onions are most commonly used. The juiciness of the filling helps to give mayonnaise, and the garlic helps to give a richer taste.

You can prepare an original portioned snack. To do this, you need to bake small pancakes and form neat little cakes that will delight all guests.

A stack of liver pancakes, smeared with delicious filling, will satisfy your hunger for a long time

Classic Pork Liver Liver Cake

The traditional cooking option will be appreciated by all lovers of pork liver.

You will need:

  • pork liver - 600 g;
  • mayonnaise - 150 ml;
  • flour - 50 g;
  • milk - 100 ml;
  • egg - 2 pcs.;
  • onions - 350 g;
  • vegetable oil;
  • carrots - 350 g;
  • salt;
  • pepper;
  • greens.

Step-by-step description of the process:

  1. Remove the bile ducts from the pork liver. Rinse and cover with milk. Leave on for 2 hours.
  2. Drain the liquid, and clean the offal from the film. Chop into pieces. Send to a blender bowl along with chopped onions. Grind. The mass should become liquid and homogeneous.
  3. Pour in eggs. Add flour and beat again. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. Boil the carrots, then peel and grate. Chop the greens. Stir in mayonnaise.
  5. Scoop up the dough. Pour into a hot, oiled frying pan. Fry on each side. Repeat the process until the dough is finished. The pancakes should be thin.
  6. The cooled cakes are alternately greased with sauce and put on top of each other, forming a cake.
  7. Send to the refrigerator compartment for at least an hour. Serve chilled and sprinkle with plenty of fresh parsley.

Greens favorably emphasize the taste of a snack cake

Simple Pork Liver Liver Cake Recipe

Garlic added to the filling will add a piquant spiciness to the pork liver cake.

You will need:

  • pork liver - 500 g;
  • milk;
  • greens;
  • sour cream - 100 ml;
  • flour - 100 g;
  • egg - 3 pcs.;
  • pepper;
  • mayonnaise - 350 ml;
  • tomatoes - 150 g;
  • onions - 360 g;
  • salt;
  • carrots - 400 g;
  • garlic - 12 cloves.

Step by step process:

  1. Remove bile ducts and pork liver film. Cut into portions.
  2. Pour in milk. Leave on for 1 hour.
  3. Drain the liquid, and grind the offal with a blender.
  4. Stir in sour cream. Add flour, then add eggs. Season with salt and pepper. Stir. The dough should be smooth.
  5. Bake thin cakes in a pan.
  6. Grate the carrots and chop the onions. Fry until soft.
  7. Add chopped herbs and garlic cloves passed through a press. Pour in mayonnaise. Stir.
  8. Smear the cooled cakes with sauce and collect in the form of a cake.
  9. Refrigerate for 3 hours. Garnish with chopped tomatoes and herbs before serving.

Tomatoes will help make the dish brighter and more appetizing.

How to make a pork liver cake with mushrooms

Mushrooms will fill the pork liver cake with a special aroma. Forest mushrooms - you must first boil, and the mushrooms can be fried immediately.

You will need:

  • pork liver - 900 g;
  • greens;
  • flour - 180 g;
  • pepper;
  • mayonnaise - 350 ml;
  • onions - 350 g;
  • salt;
  • champignons - 600 g;
  • egg - 4 pcs.;
  • milk - 150 ml.

Step by step process:

  1. Boil one egg.
  2. Cut the mushrooms into thick slices. Fry in a pan. The liquid should completely evaporate.
  3. Add chopped onions.
  4. Peel the offal from the film. Cut into portions. Pour in milk, then add three eggs. Add flour, pepper and salt. Grind with a blender.
  5. Bake thin pancakes in a frying pan.
  6. Grease each cake with mayonnaise and cover with onion-mushroom mass. Shape the cake.
  7. Place in the refrigerator compartment for 2 hours. Sprinkle with grated egg and garnish with herbs.

Any forest mushrooms or champignons are suitable for cooking

How to cook pork liver cake in the oven

If you don't want to waste time baking pancakes, then you can cook a tender and juicy pork liver cake in the oven.

You will need:

  • pork liver - 700 g;
  • pepper;
  • onions - 450 g;
  • salt;
  • carrots - 350 g;
  • vegetable oil - 60 ml;
  • egg - 2 pcs.;
  • mayonnaise - 60 ml;
  • flour - 60 g.

Step by step process:

  1. Cut the prepared offal into pieces. Place in blender bowl.
  2. Pour in eggs. Add flour. Season with salt and pepper. Beat. The mass should become homogeneous.
  3. Heat a frying pan. Pour in oil and add finely chopped onion. Fry for 3 minutes.
  4. Add grated carrots. Stir constantly and cook over medium heat until vegetables are tender.
  5. Pour in mayonnaise. Salt. Add pepper. Stir.
  6. Pour half of the dough into a mold. Spread the filling on top. Fill with the remaining liver mass.
  7. Send to the oven, which is heated to 190 ° C. Bake for 45 minutes.
  8. Sprinkle generously with grated cheese. Leave in the oven for 3 minutes.

The thicker the filling, the juicier the cake is.

Advice! To reduce the calorie content of the snack, sour cream can be used instead of mayonnaise.

Pork liver cake with garlic and cottage cheese

A fragrant and light pork liver cake turns out to be especially tasty with a garlic-curd filling. For decoration, you can use chopped herbs and grated eggs.

You will need:

  • pork liver - 650 g;
  • vegetable oil;
  • egg - 4 pcs.;
  • kefir - 120 ml;
  • greens;
  • salt;
  • spice;
  • milk;
  • garlic - 3 cloves;
  • cottage cheese - 400 g.

Step by step process:

  1. Boil 3 eggs.
  2. Prepare the offal by removing the film and soaking it in milk for 2 hours.
  3. Cut into portions. Send to blender bowl. Season with salt and pour in one egg. Grind.
  4. Grease a hot skillet with oil. Scoop up the dough with a ladle and distribute it evenly over the bottom. Fry on each side. There should be three cakes.
  5. Salt cottage cheese. Preference should be given to a high-fat product. Add garlic cloves passed through a press. Beat with a blender until smooth.
  6. Pour in kefir and add finely chopped greens. Stir.
  7. Cool the cakes. Spread each filling and form a cake.
  8. Put in the refrigerator compartment for a few hours. Sprinkle liberally with fresh herbs and grated eggs before serving.

The appetizer will taste better when it cools well.

Pork liver cake with milk

An original cake will help surprise guests not only with its beautiful appearance, but also with its taste.

You will need:

  • flour - 120 g;
  • green onions - 100 g;
  • pork liver - 600 g;
  • dill - 30 g;
  • milk - 130 ml;
  • salt;
  • processed cheese - 100 g;
  • egg - 2 pcs.;
  • black pepper;
  • sunflower oil - 100 ml;
  • garlic - 2 cloves;
  • mayonnaise - 120 ml;
  • carrots - 280 g;
  • onions - 280 g.

Step by step process:

  1. Send the offal, peeled from the films, to the blender bowl and grind.
  2. Pour in milk and eggs, beat. Add flour in parts. Stir until all lumps are gone. Add 40 ml of oil.
  3. Pour a small amount of dough into a hot skillet. When the surface of the pancake becomes brownish, turn it over. Bake until tender. Depending on the diameter of the pan, you will get about 10 pancakes. Cool down.
  4. Cut the onions into small cubes. Grate carrots on a coarse grater.
  5. Stir the vegetables. Pour into the pan. Pour in the remaining oil and fry until soft.
  6. Pepper mayonnaise, salt and combine with chopped garlic cloves.
  7. Smear each pancake with sauce and cover with vegetable filling. Shape the cake.
  8. Decorate the dish with grated cheese and chopped herbs.
Advice! It is better to grind pork liver with a blender. The meat grinder will not be able to give the offal a delicate and porous structure.

Serve the cake as an appetizer or as a main course

Calorie content of pork liver cake

The calorie content of a pork liver dish varies slightly depending on the products used for the filling:

  • the classic version of cooking in 100 g contains 140 kcal;
  • simple recipe - 138 kcal;
  • with mushrooms - 173 kcal;
  • in the oven - 141 kcal;
  • with cottage cheese and garlic - 122 kcal;
  • with milk - 174 kcal.


Pork liver liver cake is a great option for any meal. If desired, you can add your favorite vegetables, spices and hot peppers to the filling. To give a richer taste, the snack needs to be kept in the refrigerator for several hours.

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