Do-it-yourself barbecue smokehouse from a gas cylinder: drawings, photos, videos

A do-it-yourself grill-smokehouse from a gas cylinder can be made by anyone involved in welding. The design is often made multifunctional, on which it is possible to cook dishes according to different recipes. There are several options for such smokers. To make one of them, you need a circuit, 2-3 cylinders and a desire to work.

Design options

The smokehouse is a closed chamber with suspended products. Smoke from the smoke generator is supplied through the duct. This scheme is acceptable for a cold smoked smokehouse. The second design variant similarly has a closed chamber. A smoke generator is not required to generate smoke. The camera is installed above the firebox. The fire heats up its bottom, due to which wood chips begin to smolder. This scheme is used for a hot smoked smokehouse.

Multifunctional smokehouse consists of 3 cylinders

The difference in the type of smoking of the smokehouse is not limited. Often they are made multifunctional, allowing you to prepare other dishes:

  1. Brazier. The device is a trough where you can cook barbecue on skewers. It is made from a horizontally laid cylinder with a cut-out window on the side. On the brazier from the inside, you can weld stops and lay a grate on them. Now it is available to use it as a barbecue. However, this is not all. The segment cut from the side shelf of the cylinder is not thrown away, but fixed in the same place with loops. It turns out a cover. If you equip the grill with a grill and cover it on top, it turns into a grill.
  2. Place for a cauldron. The firebox does not have to be used only for generating smoke in the smokehouse. It is also made multifunctional. On a vertically located cylinder, the upper plug is cut off. A cauldron is immersed in the hole, in which pilaf, fish soup, and kulesh are cooked.

Typically, a multifunctional smokehouse consists of three cylinders: 2 large and one small. The large balloon is placed vertically. It plays the role of a smokehouse where cold smoking takes place. A second large balloon is laid horizontally behind it. It plays the role of a smokehouse, where hot smoking takes place, and is also used for barbecues, barbecues and grills. Next in line is the third small balloon, which is also placed vertically. It plays the role of a firebox and a place for a cauldron. All containers are connected to each other by a smoke channel made of a metal pipe.

Important! The smoke is removed from all three containers through the chimney. The pipe is welded into the upper part of the cylinder, which acts as a smokehouse using cold smoking technology.

Pros and cons of designs

If there is a desire to construct a brazier-smokehouse from a gas cylinder with your own hands, you need to think over all the pros and cons of such a design. If there are more positive moments, you can safely turn your idea into reality.

Of the positive aspects, there are:

  1. Simplicity of design.It is easier to weld a multifunctional smokehouse from ready-made metal containers than to build it from bricks.
  2. Mobility. Despite its impressive weight, the smokehouse is mobile. If you put it on wheels, then one person can roll it from place to place in the yard.
  3. Long service life. The cylinders are made of thick metal. The smokehouse will last at least 10 years, and with good care it will last for a lifetime.
  4. Aesthetics. The smokehouse can not only be welded, but carefully cleaned the seams, painted with fire-resistant paint, and decorated with forged elements. The structure will decorate the site, resting place near the gazebo.

Near the smokehouse, you can adapt a worktop for cutting food

Among the shortcomings, one can single out the impossibility of performing work in the absence of a welding machine and welding experience. The downside is the need for complex measures to clean the tanks from gas and condensate.

Selection and preparation of cylinders

The ideality of using a gas cylinder is due to its characteristics. It has a convenient diameter - 300 mm, thick metal walls. In fact, this is a ready-made camera. Large containers are used to assemble a smokehouse, barbecue. A firebox is created from a small cylinder, and a place for installing a cauldron.

Condensate is drained from the cylinders, washed thoroughly with water

In addition to gas, there is liquid condensate inside the tank with a very pungent odor. All this must be removed through an open valve. Disposal is carried out away from residential areas and green spaces.

The next step is to unscrew the valve itself. It sits firmly on the thread. It will take a lot of effort. After unscrewing the valve through the hole, the cylinder is filled with water, left for a day. The liquid with impurities of condensate is drained. Now it can be cut with a grinder.

Advice! After flushing, it is advisable to burn the canister over a large fire to completely remove the smell of condensation.

DIY making rules

When the containers are prepared, you can start assembling the smokehouse. First, a diagram is prepared, appropriate materials and tools are selected. We need to remember about safety precautions, because assembling a smokehouse-grill from a gas cylinder with your own hands is associated with welding and a sharp grinder.

Safety engineering

The cylinders are cut after freeing from gas and combustible condensate. Otherwise, an explosion may occur. When working with a grinder, the tool is positioned so that the cutting disc is to the left of the body. The sparks should fly under your feet, and not in the opposite direction.

In the course of rotation of the disc, the cut is always made from oneself.

The grinder is used not only for cutting, but also overwrite the welding seams with a grinding wheel. The tool is positioned so that the disc is at an angle of 15 about to the treated area.

Attention! During cutting and grinding, it is forbidden to remove the protective cover from the grinder.

Model and drawing selection

The assembly of the smokehouse begins with the design. The choice of schemes is small here. The model of cold and hot smoking is assembled from three cylinders. For a smokehouse using hot smoking technology, you need two containers.

Depending on the chosen scheme, you will need two or three cylinders to assemble a smokehouse.

Preparation of tools and materials

In addition to the cylinders themselves, a pipe and elbows with a diameter of 80-100 mm are prepared for the smokehouse. You need a corner, sheet steel with a thickness of 4-5 mm, a tube with a section of 15 mm for the legs. If the smokehouse is supposed to be mobile, the wheels are prepared. You will also need handles for the doors, a stainless steel rod for the grates.

The welding machine is the main tool in the assembly of the smokehouse

Of the tools, you need a welding machine, a grinder with a set of cutting and grinding wheels. You will also need an electric drill, a hammer, a chisel, and a tape measure.


Do-it-yourself assembly of a barbecue smokehouse from a cylinder is performed in a certain sequence. First, the workpieces are marked and sawn. Then everything is welded.The finale is the arrangement and decoration.

Marking and cutting of cylinders

The layout of the containers will depend on which type of smokehouse is chosen. First, it is worth considering the simplest design option, operating according to hot smoking technology, consisting of two cylinders.

Under such a smokehouse, the balloon is placed horizontally. It will additionally play the role of a barbecue, barbecue and grill. A large rectangular window is cut out on the entire side shelf. Round holes are cut at the ends for the chimney and the smoke channel from the firebox.

In a large cylinder, a window is cut out for the entire length of the side shelf before the start of the joints, where the ends are rounded.

The small firebox can be positioned horizontally or vertically. In the first case, a rectangular window is similarly cut out in the side shelf. However, it is impossible to install a cauldron on such a furnace. If necessary, the balloon is placed vertically. Cut off only the upper plug, freeing up space under the cauldron. On the side shelf, two small windows are cut under the blower and the furnace door. Additionally, one round hole is cut for the smoke channel.

The next option is more difficult. The smokehouse, working on the technology of cold and hot smoking, consists of three cylinders. The firebox and grill are done exactly as in the previous version. In the scheme, only the third cylinder is added under the cold smoking chamber. It is located vertically in front of the barbecue. A window is cut into the container for loading products. Place it on the side at the top of the container. In length, it is about half the balloon or a little more.

A round window is cut through the upper plug under the chimney. The channel for supplying smoke will be located on the side shelf of the cylinder in its lower part - below the loading window. Here, a similarly round window is cut under the pipe.

Additionally, grates need to be cut into the firebox. They can be made from a thick metal plate by drilling many holes. Smoke ducts are made small. A pipe with a diameter of 80-100 mm is cut to a length of 20 to 50 cm.The length of the chimney is at least 1 m.


To make it convenient to smoke in a barbecue from gas cylinders, the structure is perched on a stand. Its height is adjusted according to its own height. The stationary version of the stand is considered to be a construction with legs. Weld it from tubes. Be sure to put jumpers so that the legs do not part.

For mobility of the smokehouse, the stand can be placed on wheels. They are taken from an old stroller, wheelbarrow or other device.

In the stand, you can install two wheels in front, and weld a leg from the pipe at the back

As a ready-made stand, a frame from a stroller, wheelbarrow, mechdoyka and other device is suitable. An important condition is the strength and stability of the structure.

Assembly and welding of the structure

The assembly of the smokehouse begins with the installation of the first cylinder on the stand. For stability, control tacks are made by welding to the stand frame. A chimney pipe is inserted into a round hole, scalded. On its second end, a second balloon is inserted with a hole. The joint is scalded.

If the smokehouse has three chambers, do the same. A piece of pipe is inserted into the hole of the second cylinder. Weld the pipe. A third cylinder is placed on the second end of the pipe with a hole, processed by welding.

When the whole structure is welded, the multifunctional smoker is securely welded to the stand

Covers, handles, grilles

The next element is welded on the grates of the smoke generator of the smokehouse. They are placed inside a small cylinder between the doors of the firebox and the blower. The grates can be made removable by placing them on the welded supports from the corners.

Inside the smoking chamber, supports for the grates are welded on which the products will be laid. They are made on three levels. On the lower supports at the bottom of the cylinder, a tray is placed to drain the fat. Lattices are laid on the second and third tier. They are welded from a stainless steel rod.

If necessary, in the smokehouse, you can make three tiers of grates for food

The cut segments from the side shelves of the cylinders are used for the doors of the smokehouse, firebox and the lid for the barbecue. On the one hand, they are attached with ordinary door hinges. On the other side of the window, a stopper is welded so that the sash does not fall into the inside of the cylinder. A handle made of non-heating material is installed on each door.

Preparation for barbecue, barbecue, grill

Holders are welded inside the barbecue. A barbecue and grill net is similarly laid on them. So that you can grill a barbecue on the grill, cut the cuts with a grinder in 10 cm increments along the end of the front board under the skewers.On the opposite side, where the lid hinges are fixed, holes are drilled under the skewers, departing from the end of the board 1-2 cm.

Advice! It is optimal to lay a thick perforated plate made of thick metal at the bottom of the barbecue. She will play the role of grate during the burning of coal.

Chimney installation

The chimney is welded to the end of the first cylinder, which acts as a smokehouse. If this is a hot-smoked design with a horizontal chamber, then first a knee is taken out of the hole, and a pipe is welded onto it from above.

From a horizontally located cylinder, the chimney pipe is removed with a knee

At a cold smoked smokehouse, the cylinder is located vertically. Here, without a bend, the pipe is simply welded by inserting it into the hole at the end.

Manufacturing of shelves, fasteners

The convenience of working with the smokehouse is provided by the shelves. They can be made in the form of a table top, placed under the barbecue on the crosspieces of the stand. It is convenient to put food, wood chips and wood on the shelves.

For firewood and chips, a shelf is placed at the bottom of the smokehouse stand

When barbecuing or grilling meat, it must be turned over. Accessories for this business should always be at hand. They can be hung on hooks welded to the body of the smokehouse.


So that the smokehouse does not look like a pile of metal, an aesthetic appearance is given to it by finishing. Decorations from forged elements look best. Handles and shelves can also be carved from wood, giving them a beautiful shape.

Forged elements decorate the very stand of the smokehouse, and, if desired, weld them onto the body of the cylinders

Construction grinding and painting

It is not enough to grind the welds themselves. The cylinders are covered with ordinary red paint. When the smokehouse starts up, the paintwork will begin to blacken from heating, burn, emit an unpleasant burning smell. All old paint must be cleaned off. The best way is to attach a metal bristle brush attachment to a grinder or drill. She will clean the body of the smoker to a shine.

If the smoker is not painted, the metal will rust over time. A special thermal paint is used for these purposes, which does not fade.

What and how you can smoke in the grill from a gas cylinder

The design is considered multifunctional, suitable for different dishes. Pilaf, fish soup, and other first courses are cooked in a cauldron. The brazier is in demand for barbecue grilling. Grilled and barbecued steaks, sausages, vegetables.

In the smokehouse, the fish are hung by the tail

All types of meat, fish, semi-finished products, lard are smoked in the smokehouse. The product is loaded raw, salted or lightly cooked beforehand. The smokehouse uses cold smoking technology to smoke cheese, vegetables, fruits, and mushrooms.

To get different flavors of the product, chips from certain types of wood are chosen for smoking.


A do-it-yourself grill smokehouse from a gas cylinder can be made and installed under a canopy. This is the best place as it is protected from precipitation by a roof. The product can be cooked even in bad weather.

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