Cucumbers Bingo F1: description of the variety, photo of the bush, yield, reviews of gardeners

Cucumber Bingo F1 is a hybrid early maturing variety of the parthenocarpic type. The high-yielding variety feels confident in the greenhouse, cultivation in open beds is possible. The hybrid is known to a small circle of gardeners, but due to its high yield and good taste it becomes popular.

Origin story

The Bingo F1 hybrid was obtained by the breeders of the "Partner" company in 2019. The variety has proven itself well, suitable for cultivation in greenhouse conditions, in the open air.

Description of bingo cucumbers

Bingo cucumber greens have an even cylindrical shape. On average, the size of ripe fruits reaches 7-9 cm, weight 75-80 g. At the stage of pickles, the average weight is 35-40 g.

The fruits are emerald green in color. The pulp is white, without seed embryos. The skin is moderately ribbed, with light small thorns.

The flavoring qualities of the Bingo F1 hybrid zelents are excellent. The pulp is juicy, sweet, no bitterness. If you do not harvest for a long time, then the cucumbers will not turn yellow.

During transportation over long distances, the cucumber does not lose its taste and marketability. If the right conditions are created, vegetables are stored for a long time. The variety is suitable for making canned food, pickling, use in salads.

In the process of sterilization, the greens of the Bingo F1 variety do not lose their taste, voids in the pulp are not formed

Characteristics of bingo cucumbers

Bingo bushes form a thick whip, which reaches a height of 2–2.3 m. Large leaves of a dark green color are placed on a thick stem. The flowers are female, yellow-golden in color. Pollination is not required.

Bingo cucumber yield

Cucumber Bingo F1 belongs to the parthenocarpic type, has a bouquet-shaped bloom. Fruits are tied in 4–5 pieces in each leaf axil. The variety belongs to the early maturing. Harvesting begins at 42–45 days from the moment the first shoots appear. The fruiting period lasts 1.5 months.

If harvesting is carried out at the pickle stage, from 1 m2 remove 7-8 kg. When the zelents are given the opportunity to reach the size of a gherkin, the productivity from the same area reaches 16-18 kg.

Bingo F1 cucumbers are harvested every 2-3 days

Disease and pest resistance

Bingo cucumber has immunity to most diseases that affect vegetables of the Pumpkin family. The hybrid is resistant to cucumber mosaic, cladosporium disease, powdery mildew. The plant can suffer from root rot, ascochitosis, as well as from aphid infestation.

Root rot

Excess moisture leads to rot

The root system of the bush becomes thinner, the leaves acquire a yellow tint, the bush ceases to bear fruit, and gradually dries out.

To protect the plant from death, it is recommended to adhere to irrigation schedules. It will not be possible to "cure" a diseased plant, so there is no need to water the plantings every day.


Refers to infectious diseases, can infect a cucumber both in the greenhouse and when cultivated in the open field. Transferred to infected inventory.Spots of a grayish tint appear on the foliage, which gradually increase in size. As the disease progresses, rot is transferred to the zelents. Cucumbers become covered with ulcers, then the color turns from green to black. Fruits affected by the disease are not suitable for human consumption.

In order to prevent ascochitis of Bingo cucumbers, it is recommended to carry out measures to disinfect the soil before planting.

When using garden tools, it is necessary to process it. Timely ventilation of the greenhouse helps prevent infestation.


The main pest for the Bingo F1 cucumber is aphid

Pests suck the juice from the leaves, the bushes slow down their growth, and stop bearing fruit. Insects carry infectious diseases. To protect the culture from the invasion of pests, it is recommended to disinfect the soil and greenhouse supports in the spring and autumn.

You can fight an aphid infestation with folk methods or insecticidal agents.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any kind of cucumber has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some are not suitable for salting, so before choosing seeds for planting, you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics of each variety.

Self-pollination allows you to grow bingo cucumbers in greenhouse conditions

The main advantages of culture:

  • early ripening;
  • stable fruiting;
  • excellent taste;
  • resistance to a number of diseases;
  • transportability;
  • versatility of Zelentsov;
  • high productivity;
  • during the preservation process, voids are not formed inside the fruit.

There were no significant shortcomings in the Bingo F1 cucumber, but it would not be possible to collect the seed with your own hands. Therefore, the seeds will have to be bought every year. Another small minus - the bush needs to be tied up (strong support or trellis) and formed into 1-2 stems.

Growing features

Bingo cucumber is recommended to be cultivated in a greenhouse using standard agricultural practices. Seed material does not require pre-sowing treatment, as it is tested by the specialists of the agrofirm-manufacturer.

The seeds of the hybrid are coated with a special compound. It protects against diseases, stimulates the growth of seedlings. It is not recommended to harden, germinate or dress the seed material of this variety.

Sowing in open ground

For cultivation of a cucumber in the open field it is necessary to choose a sunny, slightly shaded area. The soil should be fertile, slightly acidic or neutral. To obtain a high yield, the soil must be light, loose, with good water permeability.

Sowing is carried out not earlier than the moment when the soil warms up to a temperature of +15 ° C. Planting scheme 50x50 cm or 2-3 seedlings per 1 m2.

Growing seedlings

The root system of the cucumber is very delicate, it is painful to transfer the transplant. Therefore, it is better to grow the Bingo F1 hybrid for seedlings in separate peat cups, so as not to injure the root during the pick. The containers are filled with fertile soil, the temperature of the soil mixture should not be lower than 13–15 ° С.

The seeds are deepened by 1.5–2 cm. After planting, it is recommended to cover the glasses with plastic wrap or glass. The room temperature should be 22–24 ̊С. The first shoots will appear in 3-4 days, after which the shelter can be removed, the temperature can be lowered to 18 ° С.

Cucumber seedlings need 12-hour daylight hours. Phytolamps are installed over the seedlings. In insufficient light, the sprouts stretch out, become weak.

Bingo cucumber seedlings are transplanted to a permanent place after 3-4 leaves appear

Care rules

Crop care is reduced to the timely introduction of top dressing, weed removal, irrigation, loosening the soil. The guarantee of good yields will be the garter of the lashes to the support.

Formation of bushes

A hybrid of the Bingo variety forms curly shoots. For ease of care, they must be tied to trellises. Having made a loop over 3-4 leaves, the stem is directed upward, twisting clockwise.The resulting stepchildren should be removed so that the plant does not waste energy on their growth, but directs it to the ovary and growth of zelents. After harvesting the first crop, the lower leaves must be removed from the bush.


If cucumbers of the Bingo F1 variety are planted in soil covered with agrofibre, there is no need to huddle them. It is enough to periodically remove the weeds that appear in the slots made for the cucumber bushes.

If bingo cucumber seedlings are planted in the ground, they should be hilled. Manipulations are carried out after watering. This cannot be done with dry soil, since there is a great risk of damage to the stem. The soil is scooped up towards the bushes, making a tubercle 5-7 cm high around the seedling.


Bingo cucumbers are irrigated at least once a week. In hot weather and during the fruiting period, the number of waterings is increased. It is necessary to ensure that water does not fall on the leaves, otherwise, the Bingo cucumbers may get sick. It is not recommended to carry out the procedure during the day, when direct sunlight falls on the bushes.

Irrigation of Bingo F1 cucumber is carried out with warm settled water

From watering with cold water, the bushes shed the ovary.

Top dressing

The Bingo hybrid, cultivated in greenhouse conditions, needs regular feeding. Nutritional supplements are added at intervals of 1.5–2 weeks. To provide seedlings with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, mineral complex fertilizers are used.


Cucumber Bingo F1 is a high-yielding unpretentious hybrid of the first generation. Zelentsy well tolerate transportation, are stored for a long time. Thanks to these features, summer residents and farms have chosen a variety for cultivation on an industrial scale with subsequent sale.

Reviews of gardeners about Bingo cucumbers

Margarita, 48 years old, Ryazan region
Every year I grow new items in the beds next to my favorite varieties. This year I tried a Bingo F1 cucumber. I was pleased with the result. The fruits began to be eaten as early as 1.5 months after planting. Pickled cucumbers of this variety, harvested for the winter, were eaten first.
Veniamin, 54 years old, Bryansk region
In the spring I bought two bags of Bingo seeds to sample. The germination rate of cucumbers is almost 100%. I liked that even if the green plant outgrows, it does not turn yellow. Taste qualities were assessed by my family as "excellent", there is no bitterness, plucked fruits were stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.
Tatiana, 49 years old, Vladimir region
Bingo cucumber was planted for the first time this spring. What pleased us: it was not necessary to process either from rot or from pests. The cucumbers tasted sweet, juicy, without seeds. The transportation from the dacha to the city was excellently transferred to the children.

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