How many days does petunia grow from seeds in granules

Petunia is preferred by many growers. After all, she is able to delight with lush flowering throughout the season, subject to the minimum care rules. But in order to grow this flower, you need to try. And first of all, difficulties arise when sowing, since the seeds are very small. Petunia in granules is on sale, which greatly simplifies the task. Therefore, it remains only to figure out how to properly plant, and what is necessary for successful germination.

Seeds in granules are much easier to plant

How many days does petunia grow from seeds in granules

The coated planting material has a significant difference from the usual one. In this case, each seed has a protective shell that includes growth stimulants, nutrients and fungicides. Such a composition allows to improve germination and increase the immunity of seedlings at the initial stage of development, and also contributes to an even distribution of seeds in the soil, as they significantly increase in size.

Important! The protective shell lengthens the germination period.

The timing of shoots of petunias from granules may differ depending on the conditions of their cultivation. Therefore, you should pay attention to this.

At home

When growing seedlings from granules at home, it is possible to control humidity and temperature. Therefore, germination occurs 7-10 days after planting. These terms directly depend on the correct procedure and compliance with the regime for the subsequent maintenance of seedlings.

In a greenhouse or greenhouse

In such conditions, petunia in granules germinates in 12-14 days. This is due to the fact that it is not always possible to maintain the temperature within + 25 ° C, provide twelve hours of daylight hours and high humidity in a greenhouse or greenhouse. After all, only if these conditions are met, the germination of granules occurs in the shortest possible time.

In the open field

Experienced gardeners do not recommend growing petunias in granules outdoors. Since for their successful germination, certain conditions and the absence of sharp temperature changes are necessary. Therefore, in the open field, such seeds can germinate for 2-3 weeks, which significantly delays the flowering time.

How to properly sow petunia in granules for seedlings

The planting of granules can be carried out in two ways: in peat tablets and in general containers filled with earth. Which one to choose, each grower decides independently. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of planting in both cases and understand how this affects germination.

In peat tablets

This method requires additional costs, but at the same time accelerates germination and allows you to get strong, well-developed seedlings without much difficulty. And if we take into account that the most valuable varieties are usually sold in granules, then many growers choose it.

When using peat tablets, you do not need to dive seedlings

For planting, you will need to prepare everything you need in advance. Peat tablets contain compressed soil with a balanced composition, which accelerates germination. It is enclosed in a special mesh bag made of non-woven material.In addition to high-moor peat, they contain humus and antibacterial components, which is necessary to protect seedlings from diseases at the initial stage of development.

Before planting petunia in granules for seedlings, peat tablets must be prepared. To do this, they should be laid out on the bottom of the container without drainage holes in one row with a depression upwards. After that, pour warm water so that the liquid completely covers them, and wait 10-20 minutes. After the waiting period, the volume of the tablets will increase 5-6 times, which is the norm. At the same time, they retain the shape of the barrel thanks to the restraining outer mesh.

After that, it is necessary to carefully rearrange the peat tablets in a dry container close to each other, so that later the seedlings cannot tip over and break after germination. Then you should plant petunias in granules on seedlings, placing one at a time in the center of the peat tablet, lightly pressing it to the ground. After that, it is necessary to moisten the top from a spray bottle to soak the protective shell for successful germination. It is impossible to sprinkle the seeds with earth on top, since petunia rises in the light.

At the end of planting, the container with peat tablets should be covered with foil and moved to a well-lit place with a temperature of + 25 ° C. As the moisture evaporates, it is necessary to humidify. To do this, pour water directly into the container so that the tablets can absorb it. You can also spray the granules periodically to improve germination.

Important! For planting petunias, you should choose peat tablets no more than 3.5 cm in diameter.

In a container with earth

When planting in ordinary containers, it is necessary to pick them up with a height of 7-10 cm. The containers must have drainage holes to remove excess water.

Landing procedure:

  1. Place a 1 cm thick drainage layer on the bottom of the containers.
  2. Fill the rest of the volume with nutrient soil, not filling up to the top 0.5 cm.
  3. Water liberally and wait until the moisture is absorbed.
  4. Smooth the soil surface.
  5. Wet a toothpick and transfer one petunia granule to a container, placing the seeds at a distance of 2 cm.
  6. Press them lightly to the surface, but do not cover them with earth.
  7. Spray from above with a spray bottle to break the integrity of the protective layer.
  8. Cover the containers with a transparent lid or plastic wrap.

At the end of planting, transfer the containers to a bright place with a temperature of + 25 ° C. Before germination of seedlings, it is necessary to monitor the humidity and periodically ventilate.

Why petunia in granules does not arise and what to do

Sometimes you can find reviews on the network when petunia seeds in granules sprout for a long time or do not germinate at all. This is due to the fact that the longer such planting material is stored, the lower the percentage of its germination. The protective shell prevents the semen from breathing. Therefore, when buying, you need to pay attention to the shelf life of petunia seeds in granules. Fresh planting material germinates best.

How to sow non-granular petunia

For successful germination of ordinary petunia seeds, it is necessary to properly plant. The most difficult thing is their even distribution on the soil surface. Therefore, experienced flower growers recommend pre-mixing the seeds with sand in a 1: 5 ratio. And for soil disinfection, it is recommended to pour the Previkura Energy solution through a strainer so as not to deepen the planting material.

The rest of the landing takes place according to the standard scheme. But it should be remembered that petunia seeds germinate only in the light. Therefore, they cannot be covered with earth.

Planting non-granulated petunias can also be done on a layer of snow. To do this, lay it on top of the ground, and then sow.


Petunia in granules greatly simplifies planting and increases the percentage of germination. But its disadvantage is that it has a limited shelf life. In addition, for successful germination of seeds, it is necessary to provide high humidity, which will destroy the protective layer. Otherwise, the seed will never be able to break through.


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