BMVD for pigs

Pig premixes are feed additives that promote active growth and development of piglets. In their composition, they contain a lot of useful substances that are necessary not only for the younger generation, but also for adults, as well as sows. The health and general condition of the animals depends on how correctly the drug is chosen and how carefully the recommendations for introducing premixes are followed.

What are the feed additives for pigs and piglets?

Modern industry allows pig owners to choose various feed additives, which differ not only in the area of ​​exposure, but also in their composition.

  • hormonal (anabolic steroids) - stimulate the growth of piglets;
  • non-hormonal - provide antibacterial therapy, therefore, the animal's body does not expend energy on the fight against pathogens, which makes it possible for it to develop faster and more fruitfully;
  • enzymatic - obtained from the organs of adult pigs - can be used by young animals to ensure rapid growth of the piglet;
  • dietary supplements - give the opportunity to increase the growth of muscle mass and adipose tissue, help pigs to gain weight quickly. Supplements include natural acids, premixes and BMVD.
Important! All these baits cannot be a complete substitute for feed, but are only a useful supplement.

Benefits of supplementing pigs and piglets

All of these preparations for pigs are necessary for large-scale breeding of piglets, since they have the following advantages:

  • strengthen immunity and health;
  • have a positive effect on the taste of meat;
  • prevent the development of anemia and rickets;
  • contribute to the improvement of blood functions;
  • remove toxic substances and toxins from the body;
  • reduce feed consumption, making them more nutritious;
  • reduce the feeding time;
  • reduce mortality by increasing offspring by improving the health of young animals.

What is Premix

Premixes are a mixture of bioactive ingredients that are essential for the proper development of piglets. With their help, combined feeds are enriched, which lack nutrients.

Why the premix is ​​useful for pigs and piglets

Premixes for piglets can reduce feed consumption by 30%, and this is not the main advantage of such preparations. The use of additives allows:

  • reduce morbidity in young animals and adults;
  • increase the level of fattening;
  • to minimize the terms of rearing piglets.

As a result, the farmer will be able to save on basic feed, on veterinary services, and will be able to grow larger livestock in a shorter time.

Premix types

A high-quality premix should contain several useful components: minerals, vitamins, amino acids, hormones, probiotics, trace elements, enzymes, antioxidants, antibiotics, thinners, etc.

Important! An optimally balanced composition is considered to be the ratio of filler and active additives in the proportion of 70 and 30%, where 70% is wheat bran or cake, crushed grain or powdered meal.

Premixes are usually distinguished by their composition:

  • mineral - provide strengthening of the body's defenses;
  • mineral and vitamin - accelerate the growth and development of animals;
  • vitamin - normalize metabolic processes;
  • vitamin therapeutic - contain medicines used in the therapy and prevention of diseases.

Of the many types of premixes, it is worth highlighting some brands that are most popular in use among farmers:



The benefits of the drug


Vitamins - B12, B2, B5, B3, A, D3; copper, iodine, zinc, manganese, phosphorus, calcium; antioxidants, amino acids, filler.

There are no antibiotics or hormones.

Improves the health of pigs, increases the average daily weight gain of young animals, strengthens the immune system, and reduces feed costs.

Good Peasant - has 4 forms of release (for fattening pigs, sows, dairy pigs, antihelminthic)


Vitamins useful for pigs - D3, A, E, B2, B3, B5, B12. Manganese, zinc, copper, selenium, iodine, bran.

Improves the taste of pork and the nutritional value of meat, increases the growth of pigs, eliminates parasites, maintains the health of young animals, increases the chances of multiple farrowing.

Gift of Veles


Vitamins: A, B12, B5, B4, B3, B2, D3; and also: manganese, calcium, iodine, copper, selenium, iron, zinc, cobalt, enzymes, antioxidants, flavor.

Suitable for piglets from 3 months, provides an increase in animal weight, improves the digestibility and digestibility of feed.



Vitamins necessary for piglets: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12, D3, A, H. Zinc, iodine, copper, selenite, iron, manganese, filler.

Serves for fast fattening of pigs, reducing the average period by a month. Used to prevent rickets and anemia.

Important! It is forbidden to mix premixes with hot food: during heat treatment, most vitamins are destroyed.

For fast growth

In order for the piglets to gain weight faster, not get sick and eat well, it is necessary to make various kinds of additives. Bioximin for pigs combines all the components necessary for the all-round development of animal components.

Bioximin promotes the development of normal flora inhabiting the gastrointestinal tract. The microorganisms that make up it perform the synthesis of amino acids, vitamins of group B, E, K, C, D, bacteriocins, which help to suppress the development of pathogenic organisms. The drug is also used in veterinary medicine - for the treatment and prevention of gastrointestinal infections, the normalization of digestion after taking antibiotics and to improve immunity.

BMVD (Supplements)

Pig Dietary Supplements (BMVD) are the most common type of additives used to raise large numbers of pigs. A protein-mineral vitamin supplement can compensate for the lack of trace elements in the diet of piglets. It contains:

  • vitamin E is an antioxidant;
  • A - providing strengthening of the immune system;
  • D3 - improving the absorption of calcium, strengthening the skeleton;
  • B2;
  • TO;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • amino acids;
  • mineral components and trace elements.

In essence, BMVDs are similar to permixes and are a useful addition to an under-rich pig diet. The main difference between them is that the proportion of premix in the daily feed rate should not exceed 3%, and the share of BVD for pigs can be about 30%, which allows significant savings in finished feed. In addition, the premixes do not contain protein components, antibiotics, flavors and other components that make it possible to fatten pigs in a short time, relieve stress in young animals at weaning.


This feed additive will help provide an 11% weight gain. Phosphatides are thick paste formulations that contain alcohol, phosphoric acid and omega acids. Groundbait should be diluted with hot water before use. It is mixed into compound feed 2 times a day.


  • piglets older than 4 months - 1.8 g per kg of body weight;
  • young animals up to 4 months old - 1 g per kg.

Feed antibiotics

To suppress pathogenic microbes that negatively affect the development of young animals, antibiotics are introduced into the diet, the dose of which is not designed to directly destroy pathogenic bacteria, but to increase the resistance of beneficial microflora. In addition, feed antibiotics help to normalize the metabolism of the intestinal microflora, which improves the vitamin balance, reducing the microbial consumption of vitamins.

How to choose the right premix for piglets and pigs

Pig growth supplements will only be effective if properly selected. Today premixes are produced by many enterprises, but not all of them meet the necessary requirements.

Premix selection rules:

  • availability of a certificate - each feed additive must be made in accordance with GOST;
  • adequate cost - the extremely low price of products should alert;
  • availability of packaging - the purchase of the premix by weight is not allowed;
  • availability of detailed instructions and information about the ingredients of the additive;
  • compliance with storage and transportation parameters;
  • suitability for consumption - shelf life.

Is it possible to make a premix for pigs with your own hands?

It is very problematic to make a premix on your own. But many manufacturers can take into account the wishes of farmers and the needs of their piglets by adding the components necessary in this particular case to the premix.

How to apply correctly

All additives for pigs intended to improve growth are used only as an additional component to the main feed. Therefore, they must be used strictly according to the instructions, observing all recommendations regarding dosage and administration:

  • do not steam or process with boiling water;
  • for 1 ton of feed, no more than 20 kg of premix should be added;
  • for young animals and adults, it is necessary to choose the composition individually, depending on the needs of a small pig or an adult pig.

Growth stimulants

Pig growth stimulants are often used in the industrial rearing of piglets. With their help, you can achieve quick fattening of the livestock, reducing the cost of its maintenance. Today, the most popular stimulants are hormonal and non-hormonal drugs, as well as enzyme substances.

Growth stimulants






Sinestrol and DES (female and male sex hormones) are implantable agents, available in capsules.

Resorption of the drug occurs within 8 months, the effect persists for another four.

1 capsule for 12 months.

It is implanted with a special injector into the fold of the skin behind the ear.

Retabolin or Laurobolin.

The pig's body weight gain after application is about 800 g per day, the effectiveness decreases after 2 weeks.

Enter once every three weeks at 100-150 mg per pig.

The drug is administered intramuscularly.



Biovit, Grizin, Biomycin, Streptomycin, Hygromycin, Flavomycin.

Applied during the training of piglets to solid feed.

Effectiveness is observed immediately after ingestion.

Up to 4 months - 2-3 mg twice a day, from 4 to 8 months - 4-6 mg, from 8 to 12 months - 8-10 mg 2 times a day.

The antibiotic must be dissolved in water (1 g of substance per liter of water). Measure the required dose with a syringe and add it to the feed.

Enzyme (tissue)



Increases weight gain by 12-25%.

When taken orally (young animals from 3 days of age) - 30 ml once a day.

From 1 month of injection - 0.1-0.2 ml per kilogram of live weight.

Orally and intramuscularly.



Improves the health of pigs, increases the average daily weight gain of young animals, strengthens the immune system, and reduces feed costs.

10 g of premix per 1 kg of feed.

As a feed additive.

Kind Peasant.

Improves the taste of pork and the nutritional value of meat, increases the growth of pigs, eliminates parasites, maintains the health of young animals, increases the chances of multiple farrowing.

The proportions are indicated on the packaging.

As a feed additive.



Gift of Veles.

Provides weight gain for animals, improves the digestibility and digestibility of feed.

No more than 10 g of additive is needed per kilogram of feed.

Suitable for piglets from 3 months.

As an additive to feed.


Serves for fast fattening of pigs, reducing the average period by a month. Used to prevent rickets and anemia.

10 g of additive per 1 kg of feed.

As an additive to feed.


Fast fattening of piglets, maintenance of immunity, elimination of digestive problems.

10 kg of substance are added per ton of compound feed.

As an additive to feed.


Increasing the muscle mass of the pig. Improving the palatability of pork.

10 g per 1 kg of compound feed.

As an additive to feed.


Starter for Piglets 20% "ECOpig Premium".

It is used for the "starting" development of the animal. It feeds the piglet's body with proteins. The correct proportion of nutrients and "building" substances contributes to the development of the skeleton and the growth of muscle fibers in the animal's body. The daily weight gain is 500 g.

Each piglet has 20-25 g of supplement per day.

As an additive to feed.

Grover-Finish 15-10% "EСОpig Premium".

It is used for pigs weighing from 36 kg.

The presence of natural enzymes (enzymes, phytase) in the supplement helps to speed up the digestive processes. As a result, the pig is rapidly gaining weight. On average, the daily gain is 600 g.

25-35 g of supplement per head.

As an additive to feed.

For lactating Sows 20% "EСОpig Premium".

It has a positive effect not only on the sow, but also on her litter. Piglets will reach 8 kg within 4 weeks after birth.

2 g per pig per day.

As an additive to feed.

All vitamins for pigs for fast growth should be used strictly according to the instructions. It is forbidden to increase the dosage in order to accelerate growth and weight gain: this can negatively affect the health of the animal.


Premixes for pigs are essential additives, without which it is practically impossible to raise piglets on a production scale. In modern realities, animals cannot get all useful trace elements from nature, while the toxins that haunt all living things cannot go out on their own. Therefore, the use of BMVD and premixes is vital and beneficial.


Evgeniya, 55 years old, Lipetsk
Despite the fact that I have been keeping piglets for a long time and, as they say, "for myself", I have long ago adapted to the use of premixes of biological and mineral supplements. If earlier pigs were often sick, there were cases of stillbirth of piglets, and once the sow itself died during farrowing, then for several years now there have been no such problems. Now I am thinking about increasing the livestock, since I managed to reduce the cost of feed, medications and the call of the veterinarian.
Elena, 37 years old, Smolensk
As a novice farmer, I did not immediately betray the value of buying special supplements. Over time, I learned about their existence. I have tried Borka and the Good Peasant, and now - and Purina. All premixes are of high quality, the growth of piglets has really increased significantly. The main advantage of Borka is that after its use the pigs stopped getting sick. If earlier they had some problems with appetite, now everything is over. The quality of the meat, which passes all checks, has also significantly improved.

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