Do-it-yourself smokehouse from a 200 liter barrel: drawings, photos, videos

Do-it-yourself smokehouse from a barrel allows you to save on buying a unit, get the opportunity to cook meat, hot-smoked fish. The manufacturing process is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. The main thing is to familiarize yourself in detail with the principle of operation of a home smokehouse, the options for its arrangement, and follow a clear algorithm of actions.

Barrel selection and preparation

In order for a home-made smokehouse from a barrel, made by hand, to be reliable in operation, you must adhere to the following tips for choosing and preparing it:

  1. For the manufacture of a smokehouse, it is better to use a metal barrel, plastic containers are not suitable here, they will not withstand high temperatures when smoking products. Wooden containers should be used for cold processing.
  2. The volume of the metal drum must be 200 liters. Before starting work, the container, which was in operation, must be cleaned, the residues of chemicals, a specific odor must be neutralized. For these purposes, it must be burned from the inside with a blowtorch, then filled with water and left for several days.
  3. If the metal container is completely sealed, then the lid should be cut off; it is perfect for collecting the fat flowing down during the smoking process. You will get a kind of baking sheet.
  4. For laying firewood at the bottom of the barrel, you need to provide a furnace. To do this, cut a rectangular hole 30 cm wide and 20 cm long. A door is made from the resulting metal fragment, hinges are welded, handles are installed, and equipped with a locking latch.
  5. To arrange a chimney on the other side of the container, you need to make a round hole. Longitudinal holes are cut at the bottom under blowing, which will contribute to better combustion, quick ash removal. But there is one caveat: the holes should not be too wide, otherwise the wood will fall out.

A barrel for a homemade smokehouse must first undergo a firing in order to exclude harmful substances from the inside

The principle of hot smoking in a barrel

Before making a smokehouse from a barrel with your own hands, you need to understand what are the basics of hot smoking, how they differ from the cold method of processing raw materials. This technology stands out for its safety, efficiency and speed of cooking meat and fish. The semi-finished products inside the barrel are treated with smoke from smoldering wood chips, its temperature is on average 70 ° C.

The duration of the smoking procedure can be 2 hours, up to 2 days. After cooking, the products have a pronounced pleasant aroma and taste, they are quite juicy, they can be consumed immediately. This is the main difference from cold smoking, where products are smoked for 4 days.

Varieties of hot smoked smoke boxes from a barrel

A hot-smoked smokehouse from a 200 liter barrel has a simple design, there are also modernized options where there are additional options such as setting a specific temperature regime. The most common types of smokers are:

  1. Vertical... This unit is simple in design, the firebox can be equipped inside the barrel, or be separate from the chamber. This installation can only be used for hot smoking.
  2. Horizontal. The smokehouse belongs to the category of universal, it is good to use it - both as a brazier and as a barbecue. According to the manufacturing principle, it is similar to an assembly from a gas cylinder, but with its own subtleties. The advantage of a horizontal smokehouse is the even distribution of smoke. But there is also a drawback - it has a weak degree of sealing.
  3. From two barrels... One container is needed for the manufacture of the firebox, and the other for the chambers for semi-finished products. The hot smoking device has proven itself to be practical and efficient, and it is quick and convenient to cook in it.

Diagrams and drawings for a smokehouse with your own hands from a barrel

Everyone can make a smokehouse with their own hands from an iron barrel, if you have a diagram and adhere to the manufacturing technology.

The diagram helps to understand the principle of operation of the device

Smokehouses may vary in structure

The device is suitable for processing both meat and fish

How to make a horizontal hot smoked smokehouse from a barrel

The process of making a hot-smoked smokehouse from a barrel with your own hands is as follows:

  1. Make a marking for the lid on the side of the iron container, and cut it out with a grinder. It can be round, square or rectangular in shape. Alternatively, you can cut the barrel into two pieces.
  2. Install metal strips to prevent the lid from falling inside the smoker. Both ready-made strips and a rim taken from another barrel will do. You can take rivets for fastening. First you need to bend the bar in the shape of the container, make holes and dock it.
  3. Install the hinges on the cover. Holes are made first, and then rivets are used. You need to do it first on one side, and then on the other. It is important here that everything is on the level, without distortions.
  4. Lock the handle to the cover. Fastening takes place through the holes with bolts.
  5. Make a chimney from a pipe, a fitting, placing it on the bottom of the smokehouse, on the side. For the tightness of the structure, bolts are used to fix it. You can use a welding machine for joining parts.
  6. Install the grille inside the structure by drilling the holes. Think over the stand. It is optimal to use a "goat", but you can simply define the barrel in a previously prepared place.
Advice! In order to avoid the cover falling in the opposite direction, it is worthwhile to provide a limiter from the chain, fixing one end on a fixed part of the structure, and the other on the hatch.

How to make a hot smoked smokehouse from two barrels

Instructions for making a smokehouse from two barrels with your own hands with a photo:

  1. Prepare 2 metal containers, clean them of paint. It is better to take barrels - one large for the smoking chamber, the other smaller for the firebox. The design will be similar to the letter T.
  2. In a large container, cut out the side wall along the entire length and 1/3 of the circumference.
  3. Fix the cover on the hinges.
  4. Make holes 10 mm for the installation of steel rods with a diameter of 8 mm, departing from the bottom of the smoking chamber 1 and ½ of these distances. Make a pallet, grates. Mount them on steel rods.
  5. Place the smaller drum in an upright position. First, remove the top cover, cutting it so that the docking with the smoking chamber takes place as tightly as possible.
  6. Then cut out the door, where the larger hole will be for firewood, and the smaller one above the bottom - for blowing, removing ash. They are attached to the hinges.
  7. Fasten the grate metal grate inside the container between the doors, its thickness should be at least 5 mm.Install the chimney by cutting a hole with a diameter of 100 mm at the top rear. Assemble all parts of the smokehouse.

Hot-smoked vertical smokehouse from a barrel of 200 liters

To make a hot smoked smokehouse from a barrel, the following sequence of steps must be followed:

  1. Cut off the upper part in a sealed barrel. The resulting fragment is suitable for the pallet.
  2. Make a 20x30 cm door at the bottom of the container, docking it to the barrel using welded hinges.
  3. Make holes at the bottom for blowing and cleaning from ash. Dividing the container into 3 equal parts, fix the bottom made of metal with a thickness of 4 cm or more by 1/3.
  4. In accordance with the dimensions of the pipe, the fitting make a hole for the chimney.
  5. Weld the legs to the smoker to create an airspace.
  6. Make a tray for collecting fat from the lid. You can install it on rods, stepping back 15-20 cm from the bottom.
  7. Make a base for the lattice and install it. Reinforcement rods, which are mounted on four sides of the tank, are suitable as hinges. The main thing is that the grill can be reached without problems.
  8. Make a lid for a smoker with a handle.

Do-it-yourself electric smokehouse for hot smoking from a barrel

You can assemble a smokehouse with your own hands from a 200 liter barrel according to the following scheme:

  1. Prepare containers, clean, wash.
  2. Install furniture casters. They are mounted to the bottom of the container to simplify the process of transporting the smokehouse.
  3. Install the hotplate. First, you need to remove the cover from the device, remove all the "insides" from the body, leaving the heating element. Fix it using the screws.
  4. Install a thermometer. After drilling a hole at the top of the barrel, a mechanical device is mounted. According to his readings, it will be possible to determine the temperature inside the home smokehouse.
  5. Install the pallet. As it you can use a baking dish with a diameter of 50 cm. Placed in the middle of the tank with the holes for fastening.
  6. Equip the chimney. The opening for the smoke outlet is made in the lid, its diameter is 5 cm. You can open the damper after 10-20 minutes of smokehouse operation, when the first smoke appears. The opening is opened to regulate the air flow.
  7. Install a container for collecting sawdust. A metal grill is fine here. Alternatively, you can use a cast iron pot.
  8. Place a grate or rods for semi-finished products at the top of the barrel.
  9. Connect the unit to the mains.
Advice! In the absence of a lid, burlap is suitable for the smokehouse instead. When using it, the food will be cooked a little faster, which must be taken into account.

Other options for do-it-yourself smoked from a barrel

In addition to standard smokers, there are also other varieties. Each of them has its own manufacturing characteristics.

With a firebox inside

This option is only acceptable for hot smoking products. You can assemble a home unit using the following technology:

  1. Place the barrel upright.
  2. Make several holes in the bottom of the container to improve airflow.
  3. Cut a rectangular opening at the bottom of the barrel. The stacking of firewood will take place through it. Make a hinged door from the obtained fragment of metal. You can strengthen it by using an iron strip, fixing it on the free edges.
  4. At a distance of 1/3 of the entire height, equip another bottom.
  5. Install a chimney from the side of the barrel, making a hole for the pipe.
  6. Place the wire rack at the top of the smoker.
  7. Make a perforated cover from a metal, wooden circle.


To assemble a hot-smoked smokehouse with your own hands from a barrel, you need to follow the same sequence of actions as in the manufacture of a vertical structure, with the exception of the firebox.

The smoke generator is a simple and effective solution for the production and supply of smoke to chambers with semi-finished products

A hole is made in the wall of the tank for the pipe that goes from the smoke generator.When placing the smokehouse on a specially designated area for it, the pipe can be equipped at the bottom of the barrel.

With blowtorch

To assemble a smokehouse with your own hands using a blowtorch, you must:

  1. Carry out preparatory measures by cleaning the container.
  2. Using a welding machine, weld the rods that will be used for smoking products.
  3. Make a hole in the bottom of the tank, weld a socket with an internal thread. Prepare a piece of pipe, where one end is welded tightly, and the other has a thread.
  4. Make a lid for the smokehouse, in diameter it should exceed the diameter of the barrel. Provide a handle for convenience.
  5. When the smokehouse is ready, the products are loaded, a blowtorch is directed to the pipe.

From a wooden barrel

This version of the home smokehouse differs not only in functionality, but also in decorativeness. To create it, it is necessary to equip a channel for the passage of smoke, like the firebox, in the ground, hiding under a layer of soil.

A smoker from a wooden barrel, with a competent approach, can become a part of landscape design

At a time when the smokehouse is not in use, it can be covered with a lid, on which it is good to arrange a flower bed. You can even decorate it with a piece of lawn. To increase the decorativeness, the wooden barrel is decorated with natural stone.

Barrel smoking rules

In order for hot smoked products to have a pleasant taste and aroma, it is worth adhering to certain recommendations. It's also important to only buy fresh produce.

What can be smoked in a barrel

In a homemade smokehouse, you can cook fish, and homemade meat, and game, and poultry, as well as sausage. To give a special taste, fruit wood, grapevine, juniper berries are used as fuel. Hardwoods are also suitable for smoking.

Time and temperature of smoking in a barrel

The process of hot smoking of semi-finished products provides for maintaining the temperature in a certain range - 80-120 ° C. It is with such indicators that a number of necessary processes can occur: protein denaturation, the appearance of smoky particles inside the raw materials used, the formation of juice and fat. The duration of the heat treatment period is 40 minutes - 3 hours.

Depending on the type of semi-finished products, the time and temperature inside the barrel is different:

  1. For fish cooking, the temperature is 80-120 ° C, 40 minutes - 1 hour.
  2. For smoking homemade meat, the temperature is 90-110 ° C, 2-3 hours.
  3. For game, the temperature in the smokehouse should be between 90-120 ° C, and the process time should be 3 hours.
  4. For poultry in a barrel, the temperature regime should be from 80 to 100 ° C, and the time - 30 minutes - 1 hour.
  5. For smoking homemade sausages, the temperature is kept within 60-120 ° C, and the time is 1-2 hours.

Professional advice

A home smokehouse from a barrel allows heat treatment of raw materials with smoke, the temperature of which varies from 80 to 120 ° C. There are some tips for using this construction:

  1. Before manufacturing, the container for the smokehouse must undergo thorough preparation, there should be no traces of paint, there should be no specific odors.
  2. It is not worth using conifers as fuel due to the large amount of resins, this will only worsen the taste of the products.
  3. To prevent the finished products from being bitter, do not put too much wood in the firebox. Enough 1-2 handfuls of wood chips.
  4. It is necessary to light up the chips only after loading the raw materials into the smokehouse.
  5. To adjust the temperature regime, it is necessary to either reduce or increase the smoldering of chips.

Video on how to make a do-it-yourself smokehouse from a barrel:


Do-it-yourself barrel smokehouse is a great way to get tasty and aromatic products with a smoke in your country house. It is not difficult to make it, the main thing is to decide on the design option, and follow the manufacturing technology.

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