Tomato Banana legs: characteristics and description of the variety

Many gardeners are essentially experimenters. Few people will refuse to grow a new variety of tomatoes on their site in order to appreciate the taste of the new product. And thanks to breeders, the choice is very difficult for them. After all, the variety of varieties is simply amazing. Some species have not only an unusual taste, but also an unusual shape and color. The yield and agricultural technology of many plant species are significantly different. One of these new products is the Banana Legs tomato variety. The name of the variety is intriguing and there is a desire to learn as much as possible about it: see the photo, read the reviews of gardeners who have already grown it in a greenhouse or in the open field, compare the characteristics.

Description of the variety

Despite the fact that the Banana Legs tomato was bred back in 1988, interest in it has not dried up to this day. And for good reason. Although it was bred by American breeders, it has become quite widespread in the southern regions, in central Russia and even in areas with a rather harsh climate. And all this is due to the advantages that the tomato has in full, in the complete absence of any shortcomings.

At the moment, the Banana Legs tomato is very popular. Determinant. Differs in unpretentious care. Refers to mid-season varieties. In the catalogs it can be found in the section "yellow-fruited" varieties. The official name is "Banana Legs". The cultivation technique is practically no different from the cultivation of traditional varieties.

There is little difference when growing tomatoes in the open field and in the greenhouse. Under a film or in a greenhouse, the bushes grow up to 1.5 m in height. In the open field, the bushes barely reach a height of 0.8 - 0.9 m. The branches and leaves are rather thin and graceful.

Interesting! The method of growing tomato "Banana legs" (seedling or seedless) does not affect the yield, taste and quality of the fruit.

Ripening of tomatoes begins at 65-70 days. They also differ in high yield - from one bush, subject to the rules of cultivation, at least 4-6 kg of tomatoes can be harvested.

Characteristics of fruiting and tomato fruits

First of all, gardeners pay attention to the shape and brightness of the color of the fruit.

The shape of the tomatoes is really unusual - it is somewhat reminiscent of an exotic fruit. Probably, it was this circumstance that played its role when the breeders chose such a bizarre name for him. But when describing the variety in online stores, the shape of the icicle is mainly mentioned.

The bright yellow color is a distinctive feature of the Banana Legs tomatoes. Slightly unripe fruits have small flashes of pale green color, which disappear as they ripen.

The plant belongs to the carp varieties. One cluster grows from 7 to 13 tomatoes. They ripen almost at the same time, which makes it possible not only to feed the family with tasty tomatoes with a slight hint of citrus, but also to prepare all kinds of preparations for the winter.

The mass of one tomato varies between 50-80 grams. But when growing a tomato in a greenhouse, with excellent care and timely watering, gardeners note that the weight of the fruit can reach 110-130 grams.

The length of the tomatoes also depends on the growing conditions. On average, they reach 8-10 cm in size, but in greenhouses they can grow up to 12 cm.

Tomatoes of the "Banana Legs" variety differ from the traditional ones in taste. Fleshy, tender pulp with a minimum of seeds - this is their feature. The skin of tomatoes is quite dense, which plays an important role in canning. The taste of tomatoes is sweet with a subtle sourness and a slight aftertaste of lemon.

Interesting! The Banana Legs tomato bushes do not need pinching, but they need to be pinned regularly.

Tomatoes are stored for a very long time, without changing their taste. Tomatoes are well tolerated for long-distance transportation, provided that they were harvested slightly unripe.

Pros and cons of the Banana Legs tomato

When choosing seeds for their garden, each gardener, in addition to characteristics, evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of any variety.

The main advantages of the Banana Legs tomato are as follows:

  • High productivity;
  • Simple rules for planting and subsequent care;
  • Bright color and unusual shape of the fruit;
  • Delicate, sweetish taste with barely noticeable sourness;
  • High resistance to various diseases, in particular, to late blight;
  • Easily tolerates heat and slight drops in temperature;
  • These tomatoes are easily adapted to local climatic conditions;
  • Equally well suited for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation;
  • Can be grown in a seedless way;
  • High percentage of germination of tomato seeds "Banana Legs" (more than 97%);
  • Perfectly tolerates diving and transfer;
  • Fruit of the same size;
  • Simultaneous flowering and ripening.

With all the variety of advantages, I would like to mention one more thing - the "Banana Legs" tomato has practically no drawbacks. If any difficulties arise during cultivation, it means that the cultivation rules have not been followed. Too thick plantings or insufficient sunlight greatly affect the yield and taste of tomatoes.

Interesting! Slightly unripe tomatoes are great for preservation as a whole.

Planting and care rules

As mentioned above, the cultivation technique of the Banana Legs tomato is no different from other varieties. Tomatoes can be grown both as a seedling and a non-seedling method, planting seeds immediately in open ground. The latter method is ideal for southern regions and central Russia, as well as for owners of heated greenhouses.

Growing tomatoes in seedlings

For seedlings, seeds of the "Banana Legs" tomato are planted at least 65-70 days before the intended transplantation into open ground. It is recommended to pick at the stage of 2-3 leaves. Top dressing and regular loosening of the soil are required.

When transplanting seedlings into open ground, no more than 4 plants can be planted per 1 m². Do not thicken the plantings - the lack of air and nutrients immediately affects the yield and taste of the fruit.

Growing tomatoes in a seedless way

Before planting seeds of tomato "Banana Legs" in open ground, you need to properly loosen the soil. Top dressing with complex mineral fertilizers must be carried out pointwise, immediately in the holes.

In the process of growth, tomatoes need regular watering with warm, settled water and loosening of the soil.

With any method of growing tomatoes, it is necessary to form a bush during the growth process. For this, 3-4 powerful, healthy stems are left. The rest must be removed.

The characteristics of the variety indicate that the "Banana Legs" tomato does not need pinching. Nevertheless, many gardeners, in their experience, still recommend regularly pinching tomatoes immediately after the formation of the bush. Otherwise, the fruits will be small, and the yield immediately drops.

Interesting! Breeder Tom Wagner is the creator of the Banana Legs tomato variety.

Tomatoes need to be tied up, otherwise they will simply fall under the weight of the brushes with numerous fruits.

According to numerous reviews, the Banana Legs tomato is very picky to care for. Together with the high yield, this only increases the value of this variety.

Fruit application

Tomatoes "Banana Legs", possessing excellent taste, are excellent for eating fresh, as well as for preparing summer salads and slices when serving on a festive table. When preparing salads, it should be borne in mind that tomatoes have a slight lemon flavor.

Many housewives often use tomatoes for preservation, both as a whole and as a component for winter salads and lecho. When whole-fruit salted, they reveal their exquisite taste.

For those who like to experiment in the kitchen, Banana Legs tomatoes can be used in the preparation of various sauces, pastes and as an ingredient for gravy. They are very well suited for instant freezing whole or sliced ​​tomatoes, as well as for drying.

Each housewife, in accordance with the preferences of her family members, will find where and how these unusual, bright and incredibly tasty tomatoes can be applied.

Reviews about the tomato "Banana legs"

Many gardeners who have already grown tomatoes of this variety on their plots speak very ambiguously about its characteristics. Everyone notes the high germination capacity of tomato seeds "Banana Legs" and unpretentious care. Some site owners note that plants of this variety bear fruit well under the following conditions:

  • Compliance with planting rules - no more than 4 pcs per m²;
  • Good illumination;
  • Fertilizing with mineral fertilizers at the picking stage and subsequently during the growth process;
  • Regular watering and loosening of the soil;
  • Bush formation and regular pinching.

Only in this case, you can count on a high quality crop.

Interesting! Choosing the Banana Legs tomatoes for preparing salads for the winter, keep in mind that after heat treatment, the flavor of lemon becomes more pronounced.
Katerina, 43 years old, Bryansk
I have been growing this variety for three years now. My family really like it. My grandchildren love these tomatoes very much. I put it in jars only this year. Previously, they ate everything and did not have enough of them before the blanks. But I want to share my experience. In the first year, the yield was very low. As it turns out, Banana Legs tomatoes love to grow, provided there is enough free space and plenty of light. Since then, I plant them directly in open ground and do not bother with seedlings.
Vitaly, 52 years old, Izhevsk
I liked Fresh Banana Legs for a snack. But I didn't like the banks. But this is a matter of taste.
Valentina, 38 years old, Saratov
I've been planting a tomato Banana legs for a long time. To get a rich harvest, you must definitely pinch them. I used to leave only two stems, but then I started to leave 4 on each bush. Now the yield is high. Tomatoes are very tasty, my household likes the bright yellow color. They are very fond of "Bananchiki" and get it out of the bank in winter - a vivid reminder of the sunny summer.

The author of the video will tell you about all the advantages of the Banana Legs tomatoes:


Tomato "Banana Legs", characteristics and description of the variety, reviews, photos say only one thing. If you love something exotic and extraordinary, want to experience new sensations and are not afraid to experiment, buy seeds and plant them on your site without fear. You and your loved ones will definitely like the unusual shape, bright yellow color and pleasant tomato flavor with a hint of citrus.

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  1. And I really like these tomatoes. The article contains a photo where the fruits are cut on a plate. Their insides are transparent and then they become very tasty. So do not rush to pluck them just yellow from the bush, wait until they turn orange.And then you will understand that tomatoes are really delicious.

    01/14/2020 at 02:01
  2. Growing Banana Legs last year. Tasty, empty when fresh. Hence, it is only suitable for conservation

    09/01/2020 at 10:01
    1. And in conservation, garbage, I did not like either fresh or salty, I was even upset that I took a place in the greenhouse, and bought a bag of seeds for as much as a hundred rubles.

      03/17/2020 at 03:03
  3. I bought tomato seeds Banana Legs from a Partner. She also shared the seeds with a relative. The tomatoes grew beautiful, but as for me they are not tasty at all, but this wooden core. That's terrible. I don’t understand at all how such a variety can be advertised. These are the worst tomatoes I've ever planted.

    02.01.2020 at 10:01
  4. Tomato Banana Legs did not like: hard middle, no taste. Although the variety is fruitful and the shape is beautiful, it does not crack when preserved, it looks beautiful in jars.

    23.10.2019 at 09:10
  5. I agree with Vyacheslav's comment that tomato has a hard core, like a sponge, which spoils everything. The harvest of tomatoes is very large from a bush, the taste of a ripe tomato is sweet, there is no sourness at all.

    09/04/2019 at 10:09
  6. I tried to grow the Banana Legs variety ...
    The harvest is big, but the taste is so-so, none of ours liked it, and in the middle of the fruit there is some kind of tough base that does not chew, interferes.

    08/15/2019 at 12:08
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