Tomato Puzata khata: characteristics and description of the variety

Few gardeners, and just the owner of the personal plot, will refuse to grow tomatoes in his garden. Indeed, with the modern variety of varieties with their amazing characteristics and such, at times, unusual appearance, it is not easy to limit yourself to the use of only those tomatoes that are offered in markets and in stores. And if you grow it yourself, then such an endless scope for choice opens up that your eyes just run up. And growing tomatoes is already turning into a kind of hobby, which is akin to collecting. In this case, only varieties of tomatoes have to be collected, and the impressions associated with them remain, at best, in a photo or video. And the taste, unfortunately, is quickly forgotten. And it depends not only on the variety, but also on the growing conditions and weather.

Of course, in the conditions of a huge variety of tomato varieties, what tricks breeders do not go to in order to attract the attention of consumers to their new product. Often they give varieties such names, having heard which you cannot help but become interested and just pass by. The Puzata khata tomato is intriguing by its very name. And he has, in addition to the name, and the appearance is so unusual that any gardener will certainly be interested and want to plant it on his site.

What other qualities does this tomato variety differ in, besides the intriguing name and an equally unusual look? In the article, in addition to describing the Puzata khata tomato variety and its photo, you can also find many reviews of gardeners who have already tried to plant this variety in their plots.

History and description of the variety

Tomato Puzata Khata is a fairly new variety of Russian selection. It appeared in 2012 as a result of the work of a group of breeders led by Vladimir Kachainik. It was registered in the State Register in 2013, the originator was the company "Aelita", under the brand of which the seeds of this variety are mainly produced now.

The Puzata khata tomato variety belongs to indeterminate varieties, that is, in theory, it has unlimited growth.

Attention! In practice, according to gardeners' reviews, even in greenhouse conditions, the bush does not usually grow taller than 170 cm.

Since its stems are rather thin, and the bushes themselves cannot be called powerful, plants may lodge under the weight of the fruits, therefore, tomatoes require a mandatory garter to the trellis and the formation of bushes. The bushes differ in average leafiness, and they also branch at an average level.

Leaves are medium in size, dark green in color. The inflorescence is of an intermediate type. The stalk has no articulation. One cluster usually forms up to 5 fruits.

Despite the fact that the Puzata khata tomato variety is zoned throughout Russia, in most regions it is recommended to grow it in greenhouses, or at least using film shelters. In the open field in the middle lane, according to gardeners' reviews, the Puzata khata tomato may not have time to fully mature or will be small in size. But in the south, it can be safely planted in open ground - there the only problem in care can only be timely and regular watering.

Although in the description of the variety in the Gosrestr, the Puzata khata tomato belongs to early ripening, that is, according to this characteristic, it should ripen about 100 days after the seeds germinate, many gardeners complain that the reddening of the fruits occurs very slowly and with great delay. Apparently, this variety still has great sensitivity to the sum of positive temperatures and the amount of sunlight, which may not be enough for it for timely ripening in mid-latitudes.

Attention! Due to the extended fruiting, tomatoes can be harvested until the very frost, especially when grown in greenhouses, where additional heating can be used if desired.

Productivity is one of the advantages of the Puzata khata variety; about 9-11 kg of tomatoes can be harvested from one square meter of planting.

The susceptibility to the main diseases of tomatoes is not mentioned in the official description of the variety, but, according to reviews, Puzata khat tomatoes are quite resistant to late blight, and other sores usually bypass it, subject to minimal preventive measures.

But it is quite sensitive to the composition of the soil on which it is grown - it is necessary that it be balanced in terms of the content of all the main nutrients.

Fruit characteristics

Rarely does a tomato variety boast such an unusual fruit shape as Puzata khata. Not only is it strongly ribbed, and even the shape itself is pear-shaped, as a result, the fruit strongly resembles a purse gathered from above, from which housewives used to go to the market.

The color of unripe fruits is light green, and there is no spot at the base. As they ripen, the color of the tomatoes turns red, but rather with a shade of orange. There are 4 to 6 seed nests in a tomato.

The fruits are large in size - on average, their weight is 250-300 grams, but there are specimens reaching a weight of 700-800 grams. As is often the case, the first fruits on the bush are the largest in size, then gradually the tomatoes become smaller.

Comment! The size of the fruits strongly depends on many conditions: on the formation, and on top dressing, and on weather conditions during growth, and even on the density of plantings.

The peel of the fruit is dense enough to support the considerable weight of the tomatoes without cracking. But in the process of eating it is not felt. The pulp is quite juicy, but there are often voids in tomatoes, thus they are not very suitable for canning.

Taste by professional tasters is rated at "4", most gardeners recognize it as good, but far from excellent. Tomatoes of this variety contain a lot of sugar and practically no acid, so they are especially suitable for dietary and baby food. The fruits of this variety of tomatoes make excellent salads, as well as good mashed potatoes and other preparations, where the tomatoes are crushed, and not used as a whole.

Comment! The juice from tomatoes of this variety is very tasty and rich.

The obvious advantage of the Puzata khata tomato variety is its good storage capacity. They can be picked while still green, and they ripen easily and quickly on the windowsill and after that they can be stored for quite a long time without changing their taste characteristics.

Due to this property, Puzata Khata tomatoes are easily transported over long distances, and therefore can be beneficial for commercial cultivation. True, due to their unusual shape, tomatoes take up more space in a standard container.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Summing up all of the above, it should be noted that the Puzata khata tomato variety has a number of advantages that distinguish it from a number of its fellows:

  • High yield, according to reviews even exceeding at times the numbers given in the official description of the variety;
  • Fruits contain a lot of sugar and other useful elements;
  • High preservation of fruits;
  • Large size and unusual shape of tomatoes;
  • Comparative resistance of tomatoes to major diseases.

Of course, the variety also has some disadvantages, which include, first of all, the following:

  • The need for shaping and garters due to some fragility of the bush;
  • The exactingness of the Puzata hut tomato to soil fertility.

Growing and care

In general, Puzata Khata tomatoes are grown according to the standard technology for tomatoes, but there are still some peculiarities.

Seedling period

Since Puzata khata tomatoes are a variety, not a hybrid, you can use both purchased seeds and those obtained from self-grown plants of yours or your friends for sowing.

Important! It is advisable to soak the seeds in a solution of microelements or growth stimulants (Zircon, Epin, HB-101) before sowing, since they have low germination energy, and sprouts can appear from the soil slowly and unevenly.

It is necessary to sow seeds in seedling containers about 60-65 days before planting the bushes in a permanent place.

Immediately after germination, it is advisable to place the sprouts under the brightest lighting you can find for them. In this case, the temperature must, on the contrary, be reduced by 5-10 degrees. Thus, you can achieve good development of the root system, and at the same time increase the immunity of tomato plants.

After the first true tomato leaves appear on the tomato seedlings, the bushes must be planted in separate pots. A week after picking, it is advisable to feed the seedlings. Since the seedlings of this variety may look weaker compared to other tomatoes, it is advisable to feed them with small doses of fertilizers once a week. It is best to use humates with microelements or microbiological fertilizers such as Shining, Baikal and others.

Landing in the ground and further care

Since tomatoes of this variety require a mandatory garter, it is easier to initially plant seedlings near the trellis. In this case, pruning and further tying up the stems are greatly simplified. No more than 3 bushes of Puzata khata tomatoes are planted per 1 square meter of the garden.

Advice! Not only stems can be tied to the trellis, but also brushes with ripening fruits, since due to their large size and weight, the fruits can break off along with the branches when ripe.

It is desirable to form tomatoes of this variety into 1 or 2 stems. To form bushes into 2 stems, one stepson is left, growing under the first flower brush. All other stepsons and lower leaves are gradually removed. To form in 1 stem, all stepchildren are gradually and systematically removed, preventing them from growing more than 10 cm in length.

In order to get large tomatoes, it is advisable to form bushes into one trunk. If you have little space in the garden or in the greenhouse and you have to plant bushes more often, then in this case, the only possible growing technology will be the formation of plants in one trunk.

Plants of this variety are quite demanding on soil fertility, so they need to carry out a few more dressings after planting in the ground. Also regularly water the bushes with cold water, especially if the weather is hot and dry.

Tomatoes can ripen unevenly, so make sure you have extra cover for the bushes in advance in case of early cold weather.

Attention! If the fruits do not want to blush, they can be harvested in an unripe green form - they are able to ripen quite quickly, lying on the windowsill.

Reviews of gardeners

Reviews of summer residents and gardeners about the Puzata khata variety of tomatoes, the description and photo of which you could see above, are very diverse and sometimes contradictory. Perhaps this is due to different weather conditions when growing tomatoes, or maybe there was a misgrading of seeds.

Alena, 39 years old, Tver
Neighbors have shared this year with tomato seedlings Puzata khata. The ripening tomatoes had a very unusual shape, such ribbed ones, in the form of a vessel. But in the end, as they matured, they straightened a little, became smooth, beautiful. I liked the tomatoes very much, both sweet and dense, there are almost no seeds. I really liked it, but the branches are thin, they must be tied up carefully, otherwise they break or fall to the ground - the fruits are heavy.
Svetlana, 43 years old, Tomsk
I planted the Puzata Khat variety in a greenhouse. I didn't get a lot of seedlings, because few seeds sprout. Only 5-6 bushes, but what kind of tomatoes.Everything is good in them - taste, color, shape and size. Then I will definitely plant. Well, what they need to care for is with any culture, you need to work hard in order to enjoy the harvest later.
Sergey, 42 years old, Novosibirsk city
This variety did not attract me with anything special. Tomatoes, of course, are of an unusual shape, but the taste is somehow bland, the harvest cannot be said to please, so I collected a couple of kilograms from the bush. I will not plant any more.
Zoya, 44 years old, Samara
A wonderful variety! It was one of the first in terms of yield this year. I collected from the bush as a whole about a bucket of tomatoes, albeit green ones, because I grew them in the open field. So they ripened well at home, and I did not see any voids in them, on the contrary, juicy, dense, tasty. Outside were almost orange, and pink inside - beauty! Next year I will plant in a greenhouse - maybe they will ripen even earlier.
Anna, 37 years old, Moscow region
Well, I was not at all impressed with this variety. It is not even clear what he is praised for. There were tomatoes, but they were so tasteless that next time I will definitely not plant them.
Anton, 34 years old, Tver
I planted the Puzata Khata variety for the second time, because I liked it very much. In the greenhouse, it was one of the most productive, I have never seen such an abundance of tomatoes. This year, it was grown in the open ground, only covered with non-woven material immediately after planting at the end of May so that it would not be damaged by the cold. I also liked the fact that it is not very damaged by late blight, like other varieties.


Despite the fact that the Puzata khata variety appeared relatively recently, it has already managed to find both its fans and those who were disappointed in it. In such cases, there is only one way to get to the bottom of the truth - to buy seeds and grow tomatoes of this variety on your own.

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  1. Puzata khata from Aelita, planted in open ground, north of the Saratov region, felt the best, did not crack, did not hurt. But the mass is far from 300g. From 500 to 1200 g., Grown for juice and pasta, in 2020 tomatoes were too sweet, fed a lot of ash (herbal)

    18.01.2021 at 01:01
  2. I planted this variety for the first time. I am very happy! Harvest and taste good tomatoes. I will try to collect seeds for further cultivation.

    09/08/2019 at 08:09
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