Hyes for you floorbunda hybrid rose: planting and care

Rose Ice Pho Yu - a variety of English selection. Differs in long, lush flowering. Produces medium to large flowers of a pink-purple hue with a pleasant citrus aroma. Recommended for cultivation in the middle lane, Chernozem and southern regions of Russia.

Breeding history

Rose Eyes for You is a variety of English selection obtained in 2008. The author is Peter J. James. It is a complex hybrid derived from two varieties:

  • Persian rose (Rose persica);
  • Blue for You.

Description of Rose Ice Pho Yu and characteristics

The Ice Pho Yu variety belongs to the floribund group of roses. They combine the quality of hybrid tea and polyanthus roses. The bush is small, it grows up to 75–100, rarely 130 cm in height. The shape is round, compact, looks elegant. Shoots are straight, grow vertically, contain prickly thorns. The leaves are medium in size, the color is bright green, the surface is glossy, it shines pleasantly in the sun.

In the description of the Ice Pho Yu rose (pictured) it is indicated that it gives large flowers, which reach a diameter of 6 to 10 cm.The color is varied: in the center it is purple-violet, at the edges is pale lilac and pink. The stamens are orange, contrasting against the general background.

The flowers of the Ice Pho Yu rose are semi-double type, the petals are arranged in several rows

Inflorescences - brushes, each of them grows 3-7 buds of medium and large sizes. The shape at the beginning of flowering is conical. After full disclosure, it becomes cupped, noticeably flattened.

Blossoming of the Ice Pho Yu rose is abundant and continuous, begins in mid-June. The flowers do not last long, but they appear in large numbers, so the bush decorates the garden for a long time. The peculiarity of the variety is that the buds close at night and open again in the morning. The culture is responsive to the sun's rays: there are more flowers on clear days than on cloudy ones. The aroma is intense, with hints of citrus and essential rose oil.

Main characteristics of Eyes for You hybrid rose:

  • flowers are medium and large - 6-10 cm;
  • semi-double type, consist of 20 petals;
  • color: purple, pink, pale lilac;
  • flowering: abundant, repeated (June - July);
  • the number of buds on one peduncle: from 3 to 5;
  • aroma: rich, pleasant;
  • compact, medium-sized bush: 75–130 cm in height, 70–80 cm in width;
  • resistance to powdery mildew and black spot: high:
  • winter hardiness: up to -20 ° C without shelter (zone 6);
  • rain resistance: satisfactory;
  • application in garden design: single plantings and compositions;
  • cutting application: not suitable.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Floribunda Rose Ice Pho Yu has several tangible benefits:

  • large, beautiful flowers;
  • pronounced, pleasant aroma;
  • profuse flowering;
  • unpretentiousness to care;
  • excellent immunity to common diseases;
  • compact bush of regular shape;
  • beautiful combination of dark green foliage and bright pink-purple flowers.

The Ice Fo Yu rose variety also has disadvantages that you should pay attention to before purchasing seedlings:

  • flowers quickly crumble, not suitable for cutting;
  • fade in the bright sun;
  • do not bloom in cloudy, rainy weather;
  • winter hardiness is low.
Attention! The Ice Fo Yu variety can be grown in the middle lane, the Chernozem region, as well as in the south of Russia. In regions with an unfavorable climate, the bushes need a reliable shelter. Seedlings may not survive especially frosty winters.

Reproduction methods

The main breeding method of the Ice Pho Yu rose is by cuttings. Planting material is obtained in late spring from young green shoots. They need to be cut so that the length of each cutting is 20 cm.The instructions for growing are standard:

  1. All leaves on the cuttings are removed.
  2. Make an oblique lower and straight upper cut.
  3. Immersed for several hours in a growth stimulant solution - "Kornevin", "Epin".
  4. Then they are planted in open ground in a mixture of fertile soil with peat and sand (2: 1: 1), covered with a film or bottle.
  5. Periodically ventilated and watered.
  6. In the fall, the seedlings are mulched, and in the spring they are transplanted to a new place.

Cuttings of the Ice Fo Yu rose can be grown both in the open field and at home.

Another convenient way is to get layering. The procedure starts in late September or early October. First, you need to dig a deep groove (15 cm) and lay one of the lower shoots of the Ice for Yu rose there. It is pinned with wire, sprinkled with fertile soil, watered and mulched thoroughly.

In the spring, the protective layer is removed, they give light access to the top of the shoot, which will sprout new branches. In the fall, cuttings of the Ice Pho Yu rose are cut from the mother bush and transplanted to a permanent place. It is abundantly watered and mulched with peat, humus, sawdust or other material.

Growing and care

Rose Ice for Yu is demanding to the landing site. She prefers well-lit areas. It is desirable that the light be diffused. It is best to choose a light partial shade from tall shrubs or trees. The place should be:

  • sufficiently fertile (loose soil, pH from 6.0 to 7.0);
  • protected from strong winds;
  • dry (lowlands with stagnant moisture are excluded);
  • with good air circulation (it is undesirable to place it next to buildings, a roof).

The main planting date is spring (second half of April - early May). Rose Ice Pho Yu can be rooted in the fall, 3-4 weeks before the first frost. If the soil is light and fertile, it is not necessary to prepare it. If the soil is depleted, humus or compost is introduced into it a few months before planting in a bucket of 2 m2 (or 4 tablespoons of complex mineral fertilizer). Heavy clay soil should be made lighter by adding 1 kg of sawdust or sand to the same area.

The algorithm is standard:

  1. On the site chosen for the Ice fo Yu rose, several holes are dug 50–60 cm deep at a distance of 50 cm (moderately dense planting).
  2. Small stones are laid with a layer of 8-10 cm.
  3. The roots of the seedlings of the Ice Pho Yu rose are cut to 30 cm and placed in a growth stimulant solution.
  4. They are planted in fertile soil, deepening the root collar by 5-7 cm.
  5. Water abundantly (10 liters of settled water) and mulch.

To stimulate the rapid growth of Ice Pho Yu, the seedling should be cut when planting, leaving 3-4 buds.

Rose care of this variety is standard. The plant is unpretentious, but for abundant and long-lasting flowering, you should take care of the following activities:

  1. Watering is regular - 1.5–2 buckets of water per adult bush weekly. If the weather is hot, water is given 2 times a week. In drought, it is useful to irrigate the crown in the late evening.
  2. Application of dressings for roses Ice fo Yu: in April, urea 15–20 g per bush, in June and July (during the formation of buds and flowering) - superphosphate (40 g) and potassium salt (20 g). You can alternate mineral fertilizing with organic matter - droppings, mullein, humates, infusion of cut grass.
  3. After abundant watering or rains, the soil should be thoroughly loosened.
  4. Weeding is carried out as needed, carefully removing the weeds.
  5. In the summer, you should mulch with peat, sawdust, humus, but in the winter it is better not to use these materials, since they accumulate a lot of moisture.
  6. In most regions of Russia (except for the south), Ice Fo Yu rose bushes must be covered for the winter. Moreover, this must be done after the temperature drops below -7 ° C. Cover with spruce branches or burlap. The material is laid between the branches, as well as on a pre-installed frame above the bush.
  7. Pruning of a rose of the Ice Pho Yu variety is carried out every spring, removing frostbitten, weak branches.In the summer, all wilted flowers are cut, in the fall, you can thin out the crown for the correct formation of the bush. Older plants need radical trimming. All shoots are removed, leaving only 2–4 buds.

Rose Ice fo Yu is responsive to regular feeding and watering

Advice! In the first year after planting, all early buds must be removed.

Only August inflorescences can be left on the Ice Pho Yu rose (no more than two pieces on each peduncle). After the end of flowering, they are kept until the fruit is formed. Then the bush will better take root in a new place, and next year it will be able to give flowers.

Pests and diseases

Rose of the Ice Pho Yu variety has good immunity. Therefore, as a preventive measure, it is enough to carry out one treatment with fungicides in early spring (before the onset of swelling of the buds). To do this, use any drug: Bordeaux liquid, Fitosporin, Skor, Hom, Maxim, Fundazol.

If aphids and other pests are found, the bushes of the Ice Fo Yu rose are treated with folk remedies:

  • wood ash with shavings of laundry soap;
  • infusion of dandelion leaves, chili pepper;
  • mustard powder solution, tobacco dust;
  • decoction of marigold flowers.
Attention! If an invasion of insects is observed in the garden, chemical preparations should be used: Fitoverm, Vertimek, Eforia, Inta-Vir, Decis and others.

Application in landscape design

Rose Ice Pho Yu looks beautiful in any garden: both in large flower beds and in small areas. Suitable for all popular styles - country, modern, English landscape, French motives, etc. Ice Fo Yu bushes look especially beautiful in combination with a well-groomed lawn.

In the design of the territory, the variety is used in the following cases:

  1. Single landing.
  2. Rose Ice for Yu will perfectly decorate the garden in composition. It is combined with different cultures: delphiniums, peonies, asters, chrysanthemums and others. The main condition is matching in height and color. An attractive pale lilac color allows you to use the Ice Pho Yu rose to decorate any place in the garden. The bush is able to revive even nondescript corners.
  3. Rose Ice for Yu along the garden path.

The culture looks good in combination with varieties of the blue range, for example, with Blue for You. The bushes are harmoniously combined with small flowers - pansies, buttercups and others.


Rose Ice fo Yu can grow in almost any area. The bushes do not require special care, but it is important to remember that the color of the petals fade in the bright sun. Therefore, the landing site should be semi-shaded. In most regions, pruning in the fall and shelter for the winter is mandatory.

Reviews about rose Ice Pho Yu

Lydia, 49 years old, Saransk
I bought a two-year-old rose sapling with an interesting name Ice for Yu. The culture began to bloom in the same season. There were two waves with a short break. At night, the buds close, but in the rains they do not hold, they begin to rot.
Victoria, 45 years old, Stavropol
Rose Ice fo Yu can be grown not only in the south, but also to the north (up to the Moscow region). Flowers are delicate, fragrant, but do not last long. It is very important to find a beautiful companion for the plant. Experts recommend growing Rhapsody in Blue, Burgundy Ice and Blue for You next to Ice Pho Yu.

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